Ten Great Candid Moments in a Recording Studio

Orsen Wells Recording Studio

There are times when a performer may let his or her guard down when recording lines. These are the times that sound engineers become our best friends and preserve these moments for all to see. Here’s a few of the top moments that were captured forever for our enjoyment.

1. Orson Welles and his Frozen Peas

Orson Welles was a genius filmmaker and actor that was highly under appreciated in his time. It’s a shame that later in his life he had to make crappy commercials for a living. This pea commercial is one of the most famous behind the scenes, candid recording outtakes of all time and for good reason, it’s freaking hilarious.

2. Orson Wells Drunk

Yep, Orson Welles really went downhill. It’s depressing enough to hear him tanked on cheap wine, but to see it too? That’s just brutal.

Side Note: One thing I really like about the Opie and Anthony radio show is the fact that they made the “Uhhhhh!” noise a regular sound effect.

3. The Troggs Struggle with Music

Part 1

Part 2

Back in the ’60s the Troggs had a problem. They had a hit song with “Wild Thing”, yet they were incompetent musicians. This of course lead to a few minor problems, if you consider full on meltdowns as minor problems.

4. Michael Jordan is in You

Michael Jordan was a hell of a basketball player. Unfortunately he had a tough time with this line delivery for Gatorade.

5. I Hate Huckabees

Lilly Tomlin’s public persona was as a nice, funny lady. Little did we know that she’s a raging bitch with a temperament to make my most hellish girlfriend well, quite proud.

6. Buddy Rich Flies off the Handle

Buddy Rich was a legendary drummer with an even more legendary temper. Here he totally loses his shit while his band mates ensure that his legacy as a total ass lives on.

7. The Kentucky Fried Flub

I think by the time Colonel Sanders made this promo he probably should have been retired. Let’s give him credit for not giving up and remaining relatively uncool after he seemingly forgets how to speak.

8. William Shatner Doesn’t say, “sabotage” he says, “sabotaage”

At times William Shatner is a fun parody of himself. Other times he’s a horrible douchebag. I’m thinking he’s the latter in the recording studio here.

9. Casey Kasem’s Dog

Casey Kasem always portrayed a deep sense of caring whenever he’d do his emotionally touching dedications. In this clip, you get to hear him like you never heard him before. I can only pray that Delilah will get caught like this some day.

10. The Thundercats Outtakes

These infamous Thundercats outtakes are just the crew having fun, but man is it hilarious to hear Lion-o call Snarf a fuck.

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