Ten Actors Who Returned to Power Rangers

Chris Piers   March 21, 2017   Comments Off on Ten Actors Who Returned to Power Rangers

Power Rangers is filmed on the cheap but it must not be all that bad for the cast because a good amount of people who have performed on the show have moved on for various reasons and then returned. At a certain point, the show began having one episode every season where the previous cast would show up. We’re skipping those episodes as well as the 20th anniversary episode that brought back about a dozen former cast members from various seasons. Below are ten actors who retired from their role on Power Rangers but still came back at a later point.

10) Hilary Shepard Turner

hilary shepard turner

Hilary Shepard Turner played the main villain, Divatox, in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. But when the actual season started, the character was recast with actress Carol Hoyt. The reason for this was Turner was having a baby and was on maternity leave. She returned to the role halfway through the season in episode 26. But it is notable because she’s the only character to be recast and have the original actor return to the role later.

9) Alonzo Bodden

alonzo bodden

In season three, comedian Alonzo Bodden had a small role (sort of a glorified extra) as a lifeguard. Then he returned for the eighth season, Lightspeed Rescue, as the voice of Thunderon, a powerful monster who appeared in three episodes.

8) Koji Kataoka

koji kataoka

Koji Katoaka is a character actor who you’ve probably seen in SOMETHING before, like Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Similar to Bodden above, he appeared in both season three and season eight. In the third season he played a man named Ko who gives the Black Power Ranger, Adam, a bunch of sage advice on dealing with fear. In season eight, Lightspeed Rescue, he played Mr. Tamashiro, the karate master who trained Chad who becomes the Blue Ranger.

7) Joel Tobeck

joel tobeck

Joel Tobeck is best known as an actor who played villains on Xena and Ash vs. Evil Dead but he also voiced a monster for season ten and again for season eleven. Then, after six more seasons, he came back to voice a monster in season 18. After another year away he returned to voice a monster in seasons 20 and 21!

6) Johnny Yong Bosch

johnny yong bosch

Johnny Yong Bosch joined Power Rangers halfway through season two as Adam and went on to become the second Black Power Ranger. He served the team through their Turbo incarnation in season five. Then, ten years later, he returned for the show’s fifteenth anniversary for an episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. It was notable because at this time, Saban had sold the Power Rangers show to Disney who had very few references to the Saban-produced era. But Bosch returned as one of four former Rangers who teamed up when the current team was disabled and even led them since he was the most senior member.

5) Paul Schrier

paul schrier

Paul Schrier played Bulk, one of the Power Rangers’ fellow students. He was a main cast member through the first six seasons and four episodes of season seven. Once he retired from the show, it seemed unlikely that a non-Power Ranger would return to the show. But then he did! In season 18 he became a recurring cast member, training his old friend Skull’s son to be a samurai and bumbling it all season long.

4) Amy Jo Johnson

amy jo johnson

Amy Jo Johnson played the original Pink Power Ranger for nearly three seasons and is the fourth longest serving Ranger and longest serving female Ranger. So she’s always been popular. But her character was pretty definitively written out of the show to pursue a career as a gymnast. But then she returns as Kimberly Hart (no more Power Rangers powers) in Turbo: A Power Rangers movie to surprise her old friends.

3) Austin St. John

austin st john

Austin St. John is perhaps the most surprising return to the show. St. John was the original Red Ranger but left the show midway through season two due to a contract dispute. But he ended up returning in season four as the mysterious Gold Ranger and then in Turbo: A Power Rangers movie set between the fourth and fifth seasons.

2) Jason David Frank

jason david frank

Jason David Frank was pretty much always the most popular Ranger, playing the original Green Ranger, then the White Ranger, then Red Zeo and Red Turbo Ranger over the course of the first four seasons of the show. Then, close to a decade later, he returned as a cast member for Power Rangers Dino Thunder as a teacher who mentors the new Power Rangers and eventually gets new Ranger powers himself.

1) Bryan Cranston

bryan cranston

Bryan Cranston is certainly the most successful actor to pass through Power Rangers. He voiced two villains in season one. The writers liked him so much they used his last name for the Blue Ranger: Billy Cranston. But even though he went on to be on shows like Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle and of course Breaking Bad, he must have appreciated the Power Rangers pay when he needed it because he agreed to play Zordon in the new big budget reboot movie.