Tanya Tate’s Boobs (Risky for Work)


Wow, what a weird week. I’m just steaming along doing my thing and then porn star Tanya Tate drops this on the interwebs:


It’s strange that Boobs is in quotes on her post title… anyway, you can see the post that sparked off the whole thing in her fancy graphic up there that she or one of her people made.

There’s two big issues here. The first is that I find it strange that she brought so much attention to a trollish comment. Hardly anyone saw that original comment until she decided to tweet and write about it. You’re bringing even more attention to the negativity. There’s a quote on the internet, “don’t feed the trolls.” Was I looking for negative attention? Nope. But if I was that type of person I would have been in hog heaven.

The other issue here is the issue of judging a person, especially a woman. At least one of my followers on Twitter was not happy with this behavior. On the subject of her retweeting it and blogging about it, I had said that the original tweet had been seen by only a few and now it was seen by many, Cub Reporter K’s response was:


I get what he’s saying. I’m not denying that it wasn’t a dickish thing to say to a woman about her body. But was it an unforgivable sin of a sexist pig? That’s obviously for you to decide. In the interest of the public who may want to see the boobs that I was commenting upon, I won’t post the NSFW pics here, but you can check out Tanya Tate’s boobs here and here (obviously NSFW).

Tanya herself asks, “In their world is it ok to comment on someone’s physical attributes in a negative fashion, in general? Or is it just boobs?” I’ve thought about it and here’s my response.

There are plenty of cosplayers that I don’t think are very attractive, but I don’t say anything about them. In fact there’s cosplay sites that feature nude cosplayers and some of them are really bad, but I say nothing about them, because they’re just having fun. They’re not Professional hardcore porn stars, so I keep my mouth shut and my mean thoughts in my brain. Long time readers will remember that I used to do cosplay posts here and I’d get snarky, but I’d never try to be too snarky about the person’s appearance. I know I’ve crossed the line at times in the past and came off as cruel. That’s one reason I don’t do those posts any more, I don’t want to be that guy.

But here I am insulting this nice lady for no reason. I had to ask myself, am I the bad guy here? My former twitter pal had this to say:


In the end I don’t think I am. While I can certainly be a dick, I’m not going to apologize for making the statement. It’s what I think. I wouldn’t have said it otherwise. If I could take it back, I think I’d take back the quotes around cosplay. I was under the impression she just dressed up in nerd outfits for porn reasons, but she may genuinely be into cosplay (more on that in a bit).

I think there’s a line between saying something negative about a random cosplayer and saying something negative about someone who is a pornographic actor or actress: It’s her business to show off her body and objectify herself. Therefore, she is opening up herself for criticism.


Furthermore, I wasn’t criticizing any natural attribution of hers, I was specifically referring to her choice of implants that have augmented her body. She was obviously happy enough with the work to keep making money in the porn industry. (On a further note: I’m not anti-implant in the least).

And no, I don’t think people in porn are any less of a person or anything like that. There are plenty of porn stars that I think are cool. It’s a totally valid profession, because they’re making others happy (not getting into the huge dark side of the profession).

I asked a friend of mine about this subject as they were more of an expert than I was. She went by Burn on SuicideGirls (and Lexi on her old site, Loathe.nu) in the long ago past and she said:

“When you are making a living by basically selling your body / images of your body / etc you can’t really get upset when your “clientele” have something to say about your “assets”.

Tanya asks, “But to go out of their way and publicly tweet a comment?” Well, my answer to that is that it’s Twitter. That’s what its there for to publicly express opinions on any manner of subjects, no matter how trivial. I noticed a lot of my friends were following her, I wondered why as I had a clearly defined opinion of her boobs, so I tweeted it like any number of the asinine things I tweet about all day.


In retrospect I think what I regret the most is going negative when I usually try to stay somewhat more positive. I also don’t try to directly criticize celebrities. Like most everyone else I’ll say, “I don’t like X person’s work”, but not tweet directly at them. I think it’s highly rude to direct that negativity at them. It’s why I didn’t use @TanyaTate in the tweet and simply wrote her name. However, Tanya saw that tweet. I think she may have been following me at the time and I never realized it. I feel bad that she had to see that negativity as I never wanted to directly express it to her. (Although the possibility is open that she found it in search, as the Tweet was over a month old).

Yes yes, I realize this is the equivalent to talking about someone behind their back, but think about how often you express a negative opinion about a certain actor, singer, writer, etc. in real life or on social media. It’s just what people do. I’m willing to bet that even Tanya has criticized the looks of celebrities or their work at least once in her lifetime.

I find it interesting that Tanya Tate is taking on the argument that she’s a member of the geek community, trying to turn it around like I’m one of those horrible people that harasses cosplayers at a convention. I think of her as primarily a porn star and secondly as a geek. Hell, according to Wikipedia she’s appeared in 165 adult films. She might be a geek, but it seemed like she got more and more into that as time went on. Maybe she became a bigger fan or was always a geek, I don’t know. The last thing I need to do is to be one of those dudes that accuses a lady of being a fake geek girl. I just guess I never realized how into the geek community she got. It worked out really well for her. When I first became aware of her she was dressing up like the White Queen and showing off her goods. Now it appears she’s selling herself as a regular cosplayer that just happens to do hardcore porn. Whether or not she is a geek is ultimately completely irrelevant. I was addressing an opinion I had on a porn star.


So let’s go positive from here on out. Tanya Tate is an extremely attractive woman. She’s probably a nice person, but I have no way of knowing. Maybe she’s a wonderful mom and/or an amazing wife. No clue if she is or not, but she could be. I’m happy that she has tons of followers that are completely satisfied with her work. I wish her the best of luck doing her thing. Go out there, buy some of her stuff if you’re into her. She’s got cosplay stuff and hardcore porn stuff, enjoy.

Finally, Tanya warns women to not come to the site unless you want their boobs judged. Let me tell you ladies, you can show me your boobs at any time of your own free will. You will not be pre-judged without your express written consent. And if you do decide to have me judge them, I’ll be fair, honest, and give your boobs all the time and care that they need for a fair assessment. Your boobs are safe here. And guys, I’ll just forward your wang pics to my girlfriend to judge.

And those of you who are a part of the “we can never judge anyone” camp. Go fuck yourselves.

  • Dex

    Since I read your whole post, I’ll comment :)

    1 – Looking at the NSFW pics, they definitely look better when covered by clothing no matter how skimpy. I’m also one of those guys that believes too much is not a good thing. Not that she went too big, they just don’t look natural.

    2 – A podcast I listen to called Marvelicious Toys covers the collecting aspect of Marvel properties. She was on the show for an interview and seemed to be fairly knowledgeable about the variations of SuperHero Squad figures so I have to give her geek cred for that. She seems like she’s into some geek culture but I wouldn’t deny that part (not all) of the reason she cosplays is to increase her audience. That’s what it’s about when you are your own brand.

  • Wolf Gnards

    You weren’t wrong… they are factually not good. It is a weird gray area though. A porn “star” has to be open to this sort of criticism because they’re using their body as their medium. If you’re allowed to criticize an actor’s performance, a porn actress’s body should fall in the same category. But they are still human (with human feelings and frailties) and that’s where it gets weird.

    Side note: did you get a lot of flack for this? It seemed like she was trying to sic her fans on you. Which is just as bad or worse in my opinion.

  • Philthy

    Well put. I think the only fair recourse for you is to spend thousands of dollars augmenting YOUR body, post nude photos of YOURSELF online, switch genres from adult material to nerd culture, and then bitch about how people think you look now.

  • I think I’m getting more flack for posting this defense.

    And I agree about the grey area about being a human with feelings and such and that’s where the, I didn’t mean for her to see it part of the post comes in. I was just making a statement, I do feel bad that the person it was about saw it.

  • Burn/Lexi

    While I never did hardcore porn (I did softcore/erotica photographic porn) – I can say that in that industry you HAVE to have a thick skin. You cannot take anything that is said personally because you are making your income based on your looks, you can’t expect your customers to not have something to say about it. Choosing to sell your body comes along with choosing to open yourself and your looks up to criticism. Look at celebs everywhere – when they get bad plastic surgery there are ALWAYS comments on it. But most celebs don’t throw a bitchfit about it and whine about what people are saying. That just makes you look weak and insecure. And beauty / attractiveness isn’t a objective thing. It’s truly subjective. Not everyone is going to think you look good so get used to it and take the negative comments with a grain of salt and move on.

    If Tanya is reading this – honey your breast augmentation is truly awful. I actually feel sorry for you in that you paid for that travesty of a boob job. But that said, you could easily go and pay to have it redone by a much better plastic surgeon. And I truly recommend you do just that. You could fit the damn grand canyon between those things when you have your top off.

  • When I saw the original comment, I believe my reaction was to simply roll my eyes. We’ve interacted for a few years now, and I know that your sense of humor and some of your snarky comments don’t always reflect what kind of person you are. To me, it was certainly an impolite statement, but I have enough familiarity with you to understand it wasn’t some misogynistic prick who goes out of his way to be antagonistic toward females into geek culture. In my experience, you’re actually the opposite of that, and ditching the smartass commentary in costume photo posts has made me think better of your site. As I said on Twitter, if you’d made the same comment about some random fan photographed in costume at a convention, it would have been really, really shitty. And I would have said so at the time, which I’m sure wouldn’t surprise you.

    But she’s not just some random fan in a costume at a convention. She makes a living by marketing herself mostly to men who objectify her and view her as a thing to be lusted over, not as a person. That’s not at all judgmental, because if you can and want to do that for a living, go for it. I’m the last person to shame anyone for embracing his/her sexuality, whether for pleasure or profit. I just find it interesting that she completely glossed over that reality when she posted about your comment. Deliberate or not, there is a glaring omission in the narrative her post crafted. If you invite others to objectify you, the reactions won’t always be positive. I will say, however, that “bad” is completely subjective in this case. She’s a popular performer, so the result is obviously “good” in the eyes of many beholders.

    Do I think you were being a bit of an asshole? Of course, but I’m also pretty certain you knew that before you published it or knew she’d read it. And honestly, neither of us is above being an asshole. Does it make you the sexist, woman-hating pig variety of asshole? No, and it’s pretty obvious you’re feeling a bit of remorse over the comment (despite what any jackass says on Twitter), especially the fact that it may have hurt someone’s feelings. Rather than plugging your fingers in your ears and refusing to acknowledge criticism, you took the time to consider the results, talk about it with others here on this page, and think about being positive more than negative.

    TL;DR: Wang pic incoming.

  • Wow thanks for the reply. Very thought compelling.

    “ditching the smartass commentary in costume photo posts has made me think better of your site” and yeah, I’ve mellowed out over the years. There may be more cosplay posts in the future (Crom knows I could use the hits) but snarking on people doesn’t seem as fun any more. Hell, Matty’s Cosplay Adventures have certainly been watered down from his old “Nerd Hunts” I guess age will make you less of a jackass to others.

    Must agree with “That’s not at all judgmental, because if you can and want to do that for
    a living, go for it. I’m the last person to shame anyone for embracing his/her sexuality, whether for pleasure or profit.” Same here. If a person can have sex on screen for money and they’re not suffering mentally in some way or are being forced to do it, all the power to them.

    “No, and it’s pretty obvious you’re feeling a bit of remorse over the comment” Yes, but specifically remorse over the fact that she saw it. It’s certainly not something I’d want to tweet directly to someone or say to their face. It was an opinion that was aired publicly that probably didn’t need to, but like I said I say a lot of stupid stuff. That’s why I can’t apologize for the sentiment, but I do feel remorse if it made her feel bad.

    I’m sure my gf will love the dong pic.

  • Apologies are pretty much worthless anyway. It seems everyone has to publicly apologize when they offend someone these days, and it always come across as wildly insincere. The self-reflection evident in your post is a much better way of dealing with this than issuing some generic apology.

  • I am of the opinion that if you put yourself out there in the public space that you are subject to the opinions & statements of the Internet rabble whether it is good, bad, or indifferent and to quote Ben Affleck from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back:

    The Internet is a communication device that allows people the world over to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another … ”

    You have to have thick skin in this world, if someone says something you don’t like … fuck ’em. It’s just as easy to block them on Twitter or send your White Knights to do your bidding. You had an opinion, loaded with snark and when we start apologizing for opinions … that’s when we all lose. But let’s be honest, you would really have a problem if this got on the radar of The Mary Sue.

  • The problem is that people don’t actually read or look into the situation beyond a headline.

  • Very true, if it can’t be summed up in 140 characters or less … it’s just too much effort

  • Ponderiss

    Say someone paints a picture. They can keep
    the painting private for their enjoyment. Or, they can open themselves up to criticism by placing it on public display. Art critics don’t hate art. And RobotsPJs doesn’t hate women.
    Do we always have to agree with someone to support their right to state an opinion? No. Well, that right is the primary issue.

  • Greymattersplat

    Wait. Let’s not turn this into a “rights” issue. “Freedom of choice is not freedom from consequences”, and all that. While I agree that he absolutely has the right to express his opinion, she also has the right to be upset about it and do whatever she wants to to be petty about it. Was it an ill-advised statement? Well, I don’t think there’s anybody questioning that. Let’s face it, poor guy’s life’d be a lot quieter right now if he’d just kept it to himself.

    I never knew who Tanya Tate was until this whole thing happened, and quite frankly she doesn’t impress me. And no, I haven’t looked at the pictures, I really don’t care. But to me, as someone from the outside only previously knowing about Vincent, she seems more like somebody who’s trying to use some very justified outrage that’s going on in fandom right now in order to grab some attention for herself. Make no mistake, there are large parts of being a geek that are broken right now. We as a group are still trying to figure out how to transition from outcast to accepted, and that definitely has lead to some at best exclusionary practices that absolutely need to change. But when someone comes in and tries to harness attempts at actual progress for a means to jump into a spotlight, no matter how small, all it ends up doing is reinforcing the original behavior. He criticized a tool that she uses to do her job. He could easily have written “I know some of you guys follow Greymattersplat because he reads comics, but that guy just hooked up a Dell Optiplex 755 to a UPS with a 230v output”. Which is an actual dumb thing I did this week because I forgot that “trust but verify” really does extend to things your boss orders off the internet too. He didn’t make fun of her because she’s a cosplayer, which is what people seem to be jumping on. He coulda said “I know people follow her because she loves puppies…”, and it would have been the same effect. And also, who doesn’t love puppies? She’s a person who does a job who, in his opinion, is using inferior tools. He’s definitely allowed. She’s also allowed to disagree. What others need to be doing, however, is to actually look at the entire situation before crying misogynist…because what’s happening now is ultimately counterproductive.

  • Ponderiss

    RobotsPJs exercised his right to voice an opinion and consequences have been dealt. I just want it known that I have never witnessed misogynistic behavior from him nor from his friends who were implicated.
    Some people may scan a post, see a few words, and have a knee-jerk reaction to boycott. That would be an unjust consequence.

  • I see no reason at all to speculate about her motives. She may have truly felt she was being insulted simply for being a female geek, or at least one who shows off her body. Without much existing familiarity, the mention of cosplay in the original comment could very well have given her the idea that this is the author’s typical response to women in costumes. If we ignore what we already know about Vincent and look at this objectively, her reaction is perfectly valid. That we do know him makes us biased observers, but all she saw was derogatory commentary on her body, and she’s not obligated to dig any deeper and learn more about the person who published it. I do feel she may have overlooked an important distinction, that her career inherently separates her from almost everyone else who dresses up in superhero costumes, but it would be unfair to assume that was done deliberately. If she were feeling attacked as a woman who enjoys comics, costumes, and other geeky stuff, it’s pretty understandable that she wouldn’t have a, “Wait, but I’m also in porn,” moment.

    Now that doesn’t lend any credibility to her poor excuse for a PR rep’s claim of “bullying” over one not-so-nice comment on the internet, not in the least. That’s patently absurd. And while her idea of who Vincent is as a person is off the mark, what was likely his first real impression on her was what he himself described as, “a dickish thing to say to a woman about her body.” So I don’t see her as attempting to “harness” anything, not by simply posting about it on her own site (or sites, neither of which has any real audience) and Twitter account. It looks a lot more like just blowing off steam to me.

  • montewilliams

    You, sir, are a sexist, and until you agree to judge MY boobs, a sexist you shall remain!

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  • Skewed_View

    I had no clue who Tanya Tate was until I read this. I thought it was a bit of a jerk comment, then after further reading and finding out she was a porn star I thought “well, this sort of comes with the territory when you decide to sell your body.”
    Then I went ahead and looked at the NSFW pics, and yeah, she needs her money back.