Taking Advantage of the Disabled

One thing that amazes people when I first meet them is my stunningly handsome face, but another thing that amazes them when I get to know them a little bit better is the fact that I’m partially colorblind. That’s right, I can’t tell the difference between certain colors. Well, some jerk off has decided to take advantage of my handy capableness and make a clock that I can’t read the numbers:


Yep, not a single number on that clock. How cruel. Fortunately, my color blindness has given me other special powers like the ability to read a digital watch and echo location.

Thanks to: Geekologie

  • Emma

    That’s pretty crazy!

  • i own this shirt

  • Vincent

    Jacon, I can barely see the heart on that shirt and that’s about it.

  • this site has some cool things i didn’t know about Color Vision Deficiency http://www.archimedes-lab.org/colorblindnesstest.html

  • Vincent

    Neat. Did you see the test on the front page? I can only get the first number, the rest is all just dots.

  • yeah, i got all of them correct. i’ve taken color tests before for an old job and i have perfect color vision. but it’s cool knowing that people with CVD can spot camouflage better

  • I could see the numbers, but only just about. Does that mean i’m partially color blind.

  • Vincent

    Emma, you should take the test on the website that Jacon linked to. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like though…

  • frankly this clock is designed very poorly. there are too many red dots all over the place. i can only make out the numbers because i know where they’re supposed to be.