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Friday Round Up: Lots of Comics Stuff!

neca tmnt sdcc exclusive

Here’s a new video that takes you behind the scenes on the new Walking Dead attraction for Universal Studios theme park in L.A. It will open on July 4th as… Read more »

Friday Round Up: Ghostbusters, Superheroes, and… eh, you’re not reading this today ‘cuz it’s a holiday

ghostbusters costumes

We’re one step closer to Star Trek‘s holodeck technology (and the jizz mopping jobs that would come with it) or at least Minority Report‘s interactive computer screens. Japanese scientists have… Read more »

Friday Round Up: Simon Pegg Turns on Us

human centipede burger

Here’s a weird take on zombie movies. It’s called Cooties and it’s about teachers defending themselves against zombified students. I kind of like that subversive take on the (at least… Read more »

Friday Round Up: Marvel Ends, Star Trek Moves Forward, and Venture Bros. Returns

There’s been a decent mix of nerd news this week, considering January is a pretty dead month for entertainment. Who’s the unlikely writer of the next Star Trek movie? What… Read more »