Friday Round Up: New But the Same Geek Junk!

Greetings fellow humans! This week we’ve got another choice selection of geeky bits and bobs to satisfy your hungry bellies. Somehow I’m able to mention Batman 1989 another week and it should’t be a surprise that there’s a Star Wars related link. Basically, it’s the same stuff, but told in a different way. Enjoy!

Site […]

Your 80s Dreams Come True in Lego Form

Alexander Jones, better known online as OrionPax, is a German genius who enjoys recreating his favorite tv and movie moments, especially those of the 80s, out of Lego. Here are some of his brilliant creations. The most exciting part? He encourages you to contact him and he is willing to sell his models!

Alexander spent […]

Castle Greyskull Has the Power

Out of all the toy lines I’ve collected, Masters of the Universe Classics is about a third tier. While I like He-Man a lot, I’ve never been an ultra fan. Despite numerous missteps and a horrible fan base, Mattel has managed to make a very cool line of toys for Masters of the Universe […]

Eric Powell’s He-Man Art is Sexy

I loved the little mini-comics that He-Man figures (or Masters of the Universe for your sticklers) used to come with. Of course, I lost every single one of them quickly after opening the figure, but that doesn’t stop my nostalgia engine from going into overdrive.

The newer Masters of the Universe Classics figures […]

He-Man Rules the Mall

This video of a Masters of the Universe (aka He-Mans) mall display is perhaps the greatest thing ever, even if you don’t like toys. It’s a glimpse into 1986 where everything was better. Don’t argue with me on that. I know for a fact, because this video shows the past, so […]

Masters of the Universe Classics: A Dread Axe and a Cosmic Key

Sure Masters of the Universe Classics figures usually come with a good assortment of weapons, but why settle for those boring things when you can buy hand crafted weapons for your figures? The good folks at Spy Monkey Creations teamed up with our friend Poe Ghostal to make an exclusive (to his site) weapon […]

Lion-O Will Have to be Happy Being Loose on My Shelf

Thundercats have been getting a lot of heat lately thanks to a new cartoon and a toy line from Bandai. I haven’t really cared all that much about the new figures, since I’d probably only end up getting a few of the 4 inch figures and have almost zero interest if they don’t look a […]

The Robot’s Pajama Party #4: Back in the Saddle

Oh boy, was November a bad month for podcasting. Now that the dust has settled, we have a brand spanking new episode of the Robot’s Pajama Party for your ear pleasures. There’s some great stuff this episode and frankly, I think the opening is amazing. We also get to talk to toy […]

He-Man and Battle Cat Being Cool


He-Man and his buddy Battle Cat are looking super cool in this image by artist Andy Poon. No other reason to post this other than it rocks mega socks.

Thanks to Super Punch

He-Frog and the Muppets of the Universe

The Kermit as He-Man art/T-shirt that I posted the other day was understandably a hit, but I wasn’t prepared for the greatness that is the toy version of He-Frog:

The above image is obviously inspired the the truly awesome He-Man movie, Masters of the Universe. Better, yet it lead to the creation of this: