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Old Indiana Jones

Friday Round Up: Adios G.I. Joe

Disney announced that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg will make a fifth Indiana Jones movie. In 2019. At that point, Harrison Ford will be 76 years old. So we won’t… Read more »

skeletor super 7

Friday Round Up: March something something

This is the Wintergatan. A marble machine that makes music. It’s… amazing. I love it. Had to share it. Read on for news on Star Trek (TV), Dark Tower (movie),… Read more »

friday the 13th clock by Chris Piers

Friday Round Up: Friday the 13th!

I like to celebrate any Friday the 13th as a mini holiday dedicated to the horror movie franchise. Not that it’s that great. But it’s frequently entertaining. I like it…. Read more »

kreo class of 85

Friday Round Up: Dr. Strange Casting, Oculus Moves Forward, Star Wars Stuff and More

Wow, this movie snuck up on me. It’s called The Martian and it’s about an astronaut, played by Matt Damon, left behind on Mars during an emergency. He then has… Read more »