Friday Round Up: Friday the 13th!

friday the 13th clock by Chris Piers

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I like to celebrate any Friday the 13th as a mini holiday dedicated to the horror movie […]

Friday Round Up: New York Comic Con Time

masters of the universe by drew struzan

Hey, this is Chris. I’m in New York this weekend for Comic Con so this Friday Round Up is a little light. I’m out of town. Anyway, hopefully I can make up for it by coming back with interesting news next weekend. Above is the new teaser from Netflix for Jessica Jones. […]

5 Pre-YouTube Viral Videos

troops by kevin rubio

YouTube has been around for ten years and is easily the deepest pool of streaming videos to browse. It’s where things get popular and occasionally go viral. But the Internet was around before YouTube and while our video players sucked in comparison, there was still video content being shared. So what was popular prior […]

Terrible Idea: Battle Cat Mounted Trophy Head

battle cat mounted head

Super 7 came up with this super depressing idea: He-Man’s Battle Cat as a mounted trophy. Terrible timing as authorities seek out dentist Walter Palmer for allegedly illegally killing the famous Zimbabwe lion Cecil. But also? Just a really bad idea in general. Oh, and it costs $8,500!


The Worst Decisions of Cartoon Hero Leaders

he-man is caught by beast man in prince adam no more

The heroes of the cartoons we grew up with are generally pillars of bravery, humanity and leadership. Optimus Prime, He-Man, Lion-O and more would frequently save the day with their strength and wits. But no one is perfect. Every once in a while, each of these heroes would make a boneheaded choice so stunningly […]

Friday Round Up: Dr. Strange Casting, Oculus Moves Forward, Star Wars Stuff and More

kreo class of 85

Wow, this movie snuck up on me. It’s called The Martian and it’s about an astronaut, played by Matt Damon, left behind on Mars during an emergency. He then has to plan on how to survive at least four years before he can expect help from NASA. Looks like a pretty cool […]

Friday Round Up: A Bunch of Cool and Weird Stuff

I don’t know whether Jurassic World will be stupid, awesome or most-likely: stupid awesome. But I know I like Chris Pratt, I like dinosaurs, and I like the idea of bioengineered dinosaurs rampaging. Then to use some dinosaurs to fight the other dinosaurs? Well that sounds good too! Above is the new […]

Friday Round Up: Placeholder!

Harmonix announced they will release Rock Band 4 this year! The plan is to release just one game (so no Rock Band 5 in the future) but instead release lots of new songs as DLC so that you can customize your own gaming experience. Also, your previously purchased songs stay with you […]

Friday Round Up: Mini Round Up

Movie Stuff

The Thing Book and Record: This retro book project is one of the coolest projects ever. Space Monkey X Audio Workshop has created a retro style book and audio recording based on The Thing. That’s based upon the old school book and records/tapes that used to be everywhere. These things were super […]

Friday Round Up: New But the Same Geek Junk!

Greetings fellow humans! This week we’ve got another choice selection of geeky bits and bobs to satisfy your hungry bellies. Somehow I’m able to mention Batman 1989 another week and it should’t be a surprise that there’s a Star Wars related link. Basically, it’s the same stuff, but told in a different way. Enjoy!

Site […]