Friday Round Up: Placeholder!

Harmonix announced they will release Rock Band 4 this year! The plan is to release just one game (so no Rock Band 5 in the future) but instead release lots of new songs as DLC so that you can customize your own gaming experience. Also, your previously purchased songs stay with you […]

Friday Round Up: Mini Round Up

Movie Stuff

The Thing Book and Record: This retro book project is one of the coolest projects ever. Space Monkey X Audio Workshop has created a retro style book and audio recording based on The Thing. That’s based upon the old school book and records/tapes that used to be everywhere. These things were super […]

Friday Round Up: New But the Same Geek Junk!

Greetings fellow humans! This week we’ve got another choice selection of geeky bits and bobs to satisfy your hungry bellies. Somehow I’m able to mention Batman 1989 another week and it should’t be a surprise that there’s a Star Wars related link. Basically, it’s the same stuff, but told in a different way. Enjoy!

Site […]

FRU: Geeky Stuff for Your Friday

Wowza it’s Friday already! My life has become a blur now that I have a bunch of responsibility. (I got a new job). Any, here’s some cool stuff like prison snacks, He-Man stuff, toy talk, and a little more! (Glimmer cosplay comes from here)


Mattel Owns He-Man: Of course, everyone knows that […]

FRU: Antman, Devil Baby, and oh so much more!

Welcome back to another Friday Round Up! I scoured the internet for all the greatest geek related news bits and what not I could find throughout the week. Hope you all enjoy it. And leave a comment with some of your thoughts. Agree, disagree, or whatever.

Movie Stuff

Antman News: In some super […]

FRU – Captain America 2, Star Wars, WNUF, and Cat Stuff!

Welcome to today’s Friday Round Up! I have some good stuff for you all from Star Wars to Captain America, to a bit of sad stuff. It’s all a great big part of life though. Read it and enjoy and please let me know what you think!

Movie Stuff

Captain America […]

Friday Round Up: Thor, “The” Star Wars, Mathnet!

Comic Book Stuff

The Star Wars: Now this is an interesting idea, take the ideas that George Lucas originally had for Star Wars an turn them into a comic book called, “The Star Wars.” I’m really excited about this for some reason. I think it’s cool to see the original stuff in a completely […]

Friday Round Up: Evil Art, Robocop, Dukes of Hazard, And Twin Peaks Stuff!

Toy Stuff

Toy Art Prints: An artist I know by Monster Fink on Twitter has some really amazing toy inspired art. You can currently purchase prints of these cool works at his Etsy store. Hopefully he keeps them available for purchase for awhile (he’s a bit temperamental), because I’d def like one or two […]

Friday Round Up: Star Trek, Comics, and More!

Comics Stuff

Spawnish: Angela, the angel from Spawn comics is coming to Marvel. Angela is most famous for having no panties as a toy, being in Spawn, and uh… well being the subject of a lawsuit between Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane. Now that Gaimen has control of her he can do what he […]

Donald F. Glut and The First Ever Spider-Man Film From 1969

Fun fact: The first Spider-Man film is from 1969 and it’s a fan film! I thought fan films were a more recent type thing, but you can see the first fan made Spider-Man flick here. It’s surprisingly not as terrible as you’d imagine, perhaps it’s even better than the really bad 1970s […]