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Friday Round Up: He Truly Is the Phantom Menace

he-man cosplay eccc

Japan is bringing back Godzilla. Yes, there was an American version in 2014 but Toho Studios hasn’t actually made a Godzilla movie since 2004’s Godzilla Final Wars. Well, he’s back… Read more »

Friday Round Up: Axanar Gets the Axe

godzilla resurgence

Axanar is the name of an in-development Star Trek fan film. Viacom/Paramount, who owns Star Trek, has a long history of allowing fan productions set in the Star Trek world,… Read more »

Friday Round Up

Do you remember the music video for “Bad Motherfucker”? It was all one continuous shot from a first person perspective, done as an action scene with parkour and fighting. Well,… Read more »

Friday Round Up: It’s All About The Movies

First, you gotta watch that video above where the music is removed from the end of Star Wars. It’s delightfully awkward. Another week brings another round up of discussion-worthy news…. Read more »