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Friday Round Up: Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon

zartan painting chris piers

The trailer you see above is not a parody. Super7 has created a new episode of Masters of the Universe, the same show that ended in 1985. It will premiere this… Read more »

Friday Round Up: Push it to the Limit


A new Cloverfield movie? Pretty sneaky, J.J. Abrams! At least that’s what it appears to be. This trailer came out last night and was a secret project that Abrams’ Bad… Read more »

Friday Round Up: Axanar Gets the Axe

godzilla resurgence

Axanar is the name of an in-development Star Trek fan film. Viacom/Paramount, who owns Star Trek, has a long history of allowing fan productions set in the Star Trek world,… Read more »

Friday Round Up: What’s in YOUR Wallet?

wonder woman megan gale

Here’s the trailer for a Netflix original that comes out early next month, A Very Murray Christmas. I have high hopes that it could end up becoming an annual watch…. Read more »