FRU: Full House, Lego BJs, Dr. Whom, and Much More!

We have a monster sized Friday Round Up for you this week! Potential FRU material kept popping up all damned week. I hope you enjoy it, there’s great stuff in here from X-Men movie news to Dr. Who to the oncoming garbage 2014 TMNT movie!

Cool Geek Stuff

Normally I ignore requests for […]

Black Friday Round Up!

It’s Black Friday 2013, so what better way to reward the loyal Robot’s Pajamas readers by unloading a big ole Friday Round Up. You filled yourself up with turkey yesterday, fill yourself up with geek stuff today!

Movie Stuff

Sif! Jaimie Alexander, the actress that plays Sif in the Thor movies, went to a […]

FRU: Robocop, Dr. Who, Mad Max, and Muppets!

What an incredible week! Man, if you’re a long time Robot’s Pajamas fan, thanks for making it through this week with us. Your reward is a face full of Friday Round Up!

TV Stuff

Dr. Who: Last week I didn’t post about Doctor Who because frankly I don’t really know what’s going on besides […]

R2-D2 says, “Exterminate!”

R2 Dalek

I’d like to think that R2-D2 is incapable of doing evil, so perhaps he’s hiding in a Dalek on this T-shirt design in order to infiltrate their base. Only the fan fiction writers know for sure.

Thanks to: Laughing Squid

Snow Dalek

And here is one of the most evil race of villains to ever appear on screen made out of snow.

Yep, it’s a Dalek from Dr. Who in snow form.

Friday Roundy Uppy: On the Road Again

Sorry for the late update, kids. Enjoy your links!

Item: Expect shortages on your favorite internet sites like this one, Toy Bender, and a minor lack of awesome on Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation. This will be due to Babette and I moving to a new secret bunker (ah hem apartment) and I don’t […]