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Friday Round Up: San Diego Comic Con 2016 News Trickles In

ghostbusters blitzway

The San Diego Comic Con is this weekend and technically it started this week so we got a few early news bits! First up, check it out: the first trailer… Read more »

Friday Round Up: Lots of Comics Stuff!

neca tmnt sdcc exclusive

Here’s a new video that takes you behind the scenes on the new Walking Dead attraction for Universal Studios theme park in L.A. It will open on July 4th as… Read more »

Friday Round Up: Deadpool’s Success Means All Superhero Movies to Now Be Rated R

back to the future funko playmobil

A town in Switzerland had a parade float last week, including one with a tiny roller coaster. I love roller coasters, but this one looks like it’s designed to break… Read more »

Friday Round Up: Axanar Gets the Axe

godzilla resurgence

Axanar is the name of an in-development Star Trek fan film. Viacom/Paramount, who owns Star Trek, has a long history of allowing fan productions set in the Star Trek world,… Read more »