Ghostbusters Problems


What’s a theme week without a comic strip? Here’s Ghostbusters Problems. Click the image to see a larger version:


Star Trek Problems: Command Structure

Vincent’s Comments: This is an older one by Chris, but still one one that I really like. I’m fairly certain that this is how command works in Star Trek: The Next Generation. You see it’s funny, because it’s true.

Star Trek Problems – Best Pet

Here’s today’s strip. These things usually start with an idea about one character but turn into something else. Originally, someone suggested doing something about Data’s cat. It became the rushed nonsense below:

Vincent’s Comments: In this hilarious installment of Star Trek Problems Captain Picard judges the pets of the crew of the Enterprise, which […]

Little Bride: A Religious Tract Review

And we’re back with your favorite feature, the one where I review a terrible comic based religious tract and you get angry and hopefully laugh. We’ve already covered the horrors of D&D, gays, pedophiles, fairy tales, and new age faith healers, but we haven’t talked about the biggest threat of all…. MUSLIMS! Have no fear, […]

mundAIM #23

To enlarge and enjoy, click on the pic.

I can see myself being super self conscious in this kind of situation. Thank God I don’t have friends that like to draw exaggerated pictures of me.

mundAIM is the creation of a Mr. Jacob Baake who in addition to being […]