Superman’s 900 Number Wasn’t For Sex (I Assume)

Vincent   July 15, 2016   Comments Off on Superman’s 900 Number Wasn’t For Sex (I Assume)


In yet another example of something that I thought would be common knowledge, I present this ad for a Superman Action Line aka a Superman 900 number. I would assume we’d all know about 900 numbers, but as time passes I realize what kind of crazy relic these things they were, so I will explain. Back in the near distant past people could call a phone number starting with 900 and they’d have to pay money for content. Most of the time this content was sexual in nature (you’re talking to a presumably hot lady on the phone), but there were all kinds of 900 numbers for kids and adults that weren’t just for sex.

900 number sex ad

The Siren’s call of late night 900 numbers.

Why would anyone pay money (and sometimes a lot of it) to hear something on a telephone? Well, before the advent of social media, modern special effects, and powerful gaming machines in your own home you had to take what you could get. You still had to use a lot imagination, so a “live action” story on the phone was more appealing than it would be today. And without social media to harass your favorite teen pop idol, a phone call to hear updates about them was the next best thing.

In the case of Superman, one would assume that they were super exciting Superman stories told the reader. However, I have the feeling they probably sucked. Anyone ever call this one when they were a kid? And get in trouble with their parents?