Superman Really Hates Cigarettes

Look, I’m not about to tell anyone what to do, but offering kids cigarettes in Metropolis seems like a pretty bad idea. Superman apparently murders anyone who offers kids cigarettes. Steal money, attack the city in a giant robot, that’s just the sort of thing that gets you into some sort of supervillain jail? Offer kids cigarettes? Straight off into space with you, buster!

This ad aired in the UK and was done by the Richard Williams Studio. You might know Richard Williams for being the art director on Who Frame Roger Rabbit? Williams is also behind a movie called The Thief and the Cobbler, a movie was 28 years in the making, then released all cut up to hell from the original version. It’s an amazing story worthy of it’s own post. Hell, it’s own book.

Anyway, there was a print campaign that went along with this cartoon. Check it out:




  • clark

    Damn, Superman. I’m not a big fan of cigarettes either. However, do you know what I do like? Freedom. That’s right, Superman; just because you think you are on the moral high ground here doesn’t mean that you get to take choices away from those kids. Sure, they are a little young to be smoking, but it’s their lives.

    You used to be my hero, Superman; but you’re just a fascist.