Superman is Damned Lazy

I love the DC Superpowers toy line with all my heart, but this “vehicle” really was stretching it a bit thin. It reveals that even a nearly invincible being with dozens of super powers can be the laziest jerk on the planet:


Really Superman? Walking and flying are too strenuous for you? You now need robotic legs to mock all those who are unable to walk on their own power? You’ve got to be all, “Hey look at me! I can fly into space and run at super speed, but I’m just kicking back and getting a perm while my robot legs do all the work!”

You sicken me.

Thanks to Superpunch

  • Haha!

    What a dick.

  • Jason P

    You’ve just won my 1st Annual Post of Awesomeness Award! Congratulations!

  • Ghost of Christmas past

    Well, there was that terrible horse back accident…

  • That’s the most unimaginative toy ever.

  • Sadly prophetic.

  • How absolutely absurd! Why would the man of steel who can reach speeds far greater than the speed of light choose to take the “Justice Jogger”. Even if such a thing were practical, it doesn’t even look like it could go very fast. Maybe Supes just likes to use it to cruise the streets of Metropolis and pick up loose woemn.

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  • Matty

    I’m a big fan of the Incredible Hulk riding a four wheeler toy.