Supergirl’s Garbage

It must be hell to be an astronaut in comic books. I mean, just look at this:

Not only do superhumans and aliens make any of your accomplishments worthless, but the space around the Earth has got to be filled with with garbage and dead villains.

(The above images are from Supergirl #22)

  • they have a joke about this in invicible #7

  • That’s why I decided not to become a comic book astronaut.

  • Vincent

    Test Test Test

  • Vincent

    another test test

  • Good thing that stuff never head back toward Earth!

    Well, actually that happened once in a Futurama episode. It was a giant ball of garbage.

    What led up to this first scene. Had that creature thrown that train car at Supergirl?

  • Vincent

    Pretty much Emma. It smashed her with it so she decided to toss it out of the way, and to show him she’s freakishly strong.

    And that’s why I love Supergirl.

  • Supergirl is a an idiot.

  • Vincent

    Oh man, you didn’t just say that! I LOVE HER!