Stupid Kid Han Solo


The above pretend action figure of Stupid Kid Han Solo was created by Red Letter Media for their epic review of Revenge of the Sith. I’ll be posting the review here for those too lazy to seek it elsewhere, but in the meantime enjoy this really awesome picture they conjured up using the magic of Photoshop. The figure idea came from the fact that they were grateful that Lucas didn’t shoehorn in a kid Han Solo into the Star Wars prequels to ruin the character. If you don’t agree with his assessment of the film, you pretty much have to admit that it would have been a disaster to try to include him. And we’re talking Indiana Jones surviving a nuke level of disaster. I just love how he comes with the the twins and has Lightsaber slicing action. There’s probably fan boys out there that are having strokes right now just at the very idea.

  • Well, there’s a good reason why Lucas didn’t include Han in the prequels–I don’t think Lucas understands the character, much less his appeal. One need look no further than the infamous “Han shot first” thing to see that. I’ve always thought the original trilogy was more about Han than Luke–Han is easier to identify with because he has no mutant Force powers, plus he has a romantic subplot and an actual character arc (going from semi-bastard to hero). Luke begins and ends as a goodie-two-shoes.

    I guess I should be thankful Lucas doesn’t get Han, though, because it spared us this horror.

  • I really ought to shoot Rob Bricken a thank you e-mail for posting this over at Topless Robot. I voraciously went through the Star Wars reviews as well as the Star Trek film reviews. I WANT MORE.

    It must take a HELL of a LOT of work putting those together between writing the script, creating the visual gags (like the one pictured above) and then actually editing everything together. The timing on some of the cutaway gags is hilarious. And the voice, while I thought I would get tired of it after five minutes, oddly enough the voice really sells a lot of the jokes too. If this was done in a regular voice it probably wouldn’t be as funny — he sounds like an overweight James Gumb/Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.

    As far was Han — I gotta side with Poe, I highly doubt that Lucas even understands the character. Probably the same as why he could not possibly fathom why people despised Jar-Jar so much. You can’t deny that George Lucas is a shrewd businessman and an incredible visionary, but I think the stark differences between the original trilogy and the new trilogy is more than evidence enough to support the fact that the man when left to his own devices with no checks & balances will create utter garbage.

  • You should thank me for posting his previous reviews. Cuz I posted them a long time ago, sucka!

  • Thank you? I guess I must have missed them, or they just didn’t register on my radar.

    While he did an excellent job at ripping Revenge of the Sith a new one, he is pretty harsh on the Trek films. They (the Trek films) are massive steaming piles of turd. Even First Contact, which is arguably the best out of the lot is a lot worse than my hazy memories would let me believe.

  • You don’t like the original Trek films?

  • I guess I should specify… I meant the TNG Crew Trek films (Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis). ;-)

  • Okay, I agree then. First Contact is fun and has a lot of good parts, but it really has some flaws too.

  • I can’t recall if it was here or not that introduced me to Red Letter Media, but I love their Star Wars stuff. He made a great point about Han among 900 other great points about how much Episode 3 sucked. I’m sort of shocked that Han wasn’t in it. Although the Falcon was.

  • That’s true, it was. The thing was that it was a fleeting cameo. I think he was glad that it didn’t show up as a ship owned by a character.

  • Its been such a long time since I’ve seen Revenge, was it specifically named as the Falcon, or could it just have been the same class of ship?

    The TNG movies all played out like mediocre episodes at best.

  • The Falcon just appears to be docking in some random scene. It’s obviously supposed to be the Falcon, but I suppose it could be some other ship that looks exactly like it. Of course, we know that’s not the case. But it’s not like they gave it a bunch of screen time. It’s an Easter Egg kind of thing.