The Stephen King Library

Stephen King Library Commercial

Commercials for the “Stephen King Library” aired approximately one billion times on American television during the 1980s and 1990s and I believe I saw every single airing. Most of these commercials featuring Stephen King’s books aired during a time when I wasn’t interested in reading adult fiction, I believe I had just ventured into the world of Narnia, so the works of Stephen King held a special mystique that can be specifically attributed to these ads.

I remember when The Stand unabridged came out. It was a Big Deal. Luckily members of the Stephen King Library got it for only $7.95!

As you can see there were several ads that basically used the same premise, but featuring a different book. This time it’s Misery.

Here they varied up the formula a little bit. A man is confronted by a dude on the street who tells him about the Stephen King Library. Notice that he’s offered The Stand, but instead it’s a copy of Needful Things.

Speaking of libraries, here’s an old PSA Stephen King did to help promote use of public libraries. I can think of a few things slightly more horrific than turning the corner into a leering Stephen King, but only a few.

  • I absolutely love most of Stephen Kings published books, there is a few scary ones but i cant say that even they are that scary :)

  • Tom Mathias

    Belonged to a book club or two in my day but never the Steven King one, for a long stretch my parents got me Uncle Stevie’s books as they came out in hardcover, had to narrow down my collection in a move so I mostly just have worn out paperbacks now, his collections of shorts in particular always make for a fun read

  • His short stories is his best work. Hands down. Those and his novellas.