Step by Step Episode Review: I’m Addicted!

Chris Piers   October 4, 2017   Comments Off on Step by Step Episode Review: I’m Addicted!

Note: This article assumes you have at least a passing familiarity with the brilliant “sitcom” “Step by Step”.

“Step by Step” has of course had many brilliant episodes, but read on for the best one yet!

My favorite episode of “Step by Step” had to be the very special episode where JT learns the dangers of drug abuse. It all begins when JT’s friend, Rich, excitedly tells the Lambert/Foster family about the big guest speaker their high school is about to host – Kathy Najimy. JT freaks out – he is Kathy’s biggest fan!

In an uncharacteristically kind move, JT’s step-sister Dana arranges for JT to be Kathy’s escort when she visits the school (Dana and her sister Karen had a b-story in which they get into New Age stuff and believe in karma and keep trying to do nice things – eventually Dana loses her patience when nice things don’t happen back to her and gives up on being nice). JT is very nervous as the day of Kathy Najimy’s visit approaches. That’s when his friend Rich mentions that he has something that might help. Rich takes JT to a party (Cody tags along too, but ends up slipping on a cake and has to leave early) where he introduces him to the character Randal. Randal gives JT some cocaine.

“You inhale it through your nose,” Randal explains. “And it makes you feel good.” JT blubbers on about the only thing to go into his nose is dirt when he slides into home plate, but reluctantly accepts the cocaine. “Next time it’ll cost ya though!” says Randal.

Eventually JT sits down in the kitchen and leans down to inhale. The camera cuts to the living room just outside and we hear a big snort sound. Carol, JT’s step-mom runs into the kitchen to investigate. JT’s eyes are comedically crossed, indicating something is wrong.

“JT, are you alright?” asks Carol.

Then the film is sped up and JT runs around the kitchen, manically cleaning everything he can. Carol knows something is wrong and gets JT’s father, Frank, to take him to the hospital. Later, the family gathers around JT’s bed and the doctor says he will be ok but warns us in detail of what cocaine can do to your body.

JT is devestated because he is in the hospital and unable to meet Kathy Najimy. Then all of a sudden, Kathy is THERE! Kathy heard about one of the students in the hospital and came to check on him. JT is overjoyed but then embarassed about his actions. Kathy explains that being a giant Hollywood star, she’s been around drugs and has seen the problems they cause. JT admits that he knows that all too well – it caused all sorts of problems for both him AND his family! Kathy can see that JT has learned his lesson and kisses him on the cheek.

kathy najimy

“I’ll never wash this cheek again,” says JT and the Lambert/Foster family all laugh.

My review? 5 out of 5 steps!