Step Back into the Mists of Crap with D&D DragonStrike!

Vincent   July 9, 2010   Comments Off on Step Back into the Mists of Crap with D&D DragonStrike!

I went through a period back in my early twenties where I fell back in love with a game called HeroQuest. If you don’t know the glory that is HeroQuest, it’s a board game that came out in the early 1990s and its similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but with much more simplified rules. I played it as much as I could, I started painting the miniatures, and I acquired similar board games to incorporate them into my HeroQuest world.

HeroQuest was a huge hit that spawned several wanna-bes in the dungeon crawling board game market. One of these also-rans was DragonStrike by the makers of Dungeons and Dragons, TSR. DragonStrike was put out by TSR and it featured the familiar trappings of these games like miniatures and a board to play on, but it was terrible on almost every friggen level, especially when it came to the awful miniatures. The game was meant to be an introduction to D&D and it even came with a handy video explaining the concepts of roleplaying for all the budding nerds at the time. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the purposes of this post), the video is a terrible piece of crap. Take for example, some of the opening narration:

Unseen Player: “Is this like a video game?”

Narrator: “Sort of, but it uses the most powerful processor in the world… YOUR BRAIN!”

Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing, it really is a forgotten gem of hilarious garbage.

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