Stay Puft Marshmallow Bank! And a Slimer One Too!

Vincent   October 1, 2014   Comments Off on Stay Puft Marshmallow Bank! And a Slimer One Too!

Team Peter takes on Stay Puft.

During the legendary Ghostbusters Week we ran a fairly popular contest giving away from cool Ghostbusters stuff from Diamond Select Toys. Well, I got my hands on a couple of items from Diamond Select, so it’s review time!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank

I’ll be honest, the idea of a 24 inch Stay Puft Marshmallow Man seemed like a neat idea, but I wasn’t that hot to get my hands on one. I love Ghostbusters and I’ve never had any real particular love for Stay Puft. He works for the movie, but if I’m going to get something Ghostbusters themed, Stay Puft is pretty far down on the list. However, when I opened the huge box he came in and hefted him out I had a huge grin plastered on my face immediately… it’s just so fun.


Size comparison.

Two feet doesn’t seem like all that much in theory, but seeing this bad boy in person is really something. The pictures I’ve seen really don’t do it justice. Stay Puft is sculpted really well and the paint details are solid. I really like how there’s lowlights applied to give him more dimension and make him seem less toy like. There’s a few spots where there’s paint where I don’t exactly think there should be paint (like his collar), but overall it’s a fantastic job.


I don’t know how much money this guy could hold, but I’m assuming it’s a lot. This sucker is big. You might be able to save for something nifty by the time you fill him up. Personally, I’m not going to put money in him. Doing so would really weigh him down and I need Stay Puft to be easily mobile. Plus I almost never use cash, so it would take me nearly a century to fill him with change. If you really want to know how much money he can hold, please send me a bunch of cash, I’ll turn it to change and plug it in and then I can report back to you.

There’s also the added bonus is that he’s big enough that when you leave him in the doorway when a loved one comes home in the middle of the night. There’s a good chance that it’ll freak them out for a second.

Slimer Bank


While not as big as the Stay Puft bank, the Slimer bank is about 8 inches tall. He’s incredibly detailed. The one thing that I find disappointing is that you can’t move his arms up or down. Yes, I know that it’s a bank and not an action figure. I just wish I could move his arms!

I am in the camp that prefers a bit cuter version of Slimer, like the cartoon version. This Slimer appears to be incredibly accurate, so if you’re more into movie accuracy than cuteness, this guy should be right up your alley.