The Stargate Wedding Cake

It’s an undisputed fact that Great White Snark is the king of geeky wedding cakes. Therefore, when I show you this cake keep in mind that it is not an attempt to venture into his territory, nor will it become a regular thing. The reason that I’m posting this wedding cake is that it’s so tremendously lame. I present to you, the Stargate wedding cake.


I understand being that guy. You know, the guy that likes the outcasts of the sci-fi world like Seaquest DSV, Space 1999, and Stargate, but bringing that kind of lameness to your wedding? Please. The movie was decent and maybe the show was okay for awhile, but it’s run it’s course a long time ago.

I’ve been tricked into seeing Stargate a few times after watching an episode of Battlestar Galactica would be over and I hadn’t gotten the energy to turn off the television yet. Almost inevitably they’d have some cool space stuff going on and then blam, I’d realize it was some trick and it would be pure suckitude as soon as a character started talking. This cake has garbage sitting on top of it and who wants to eat garbage cake aside from Oscar the Grouch and me when I’m really drunk? Nobody.

Thanks to: Neatorama

  • But it looks great!

  • Jason P

    I’ve… lost all respect for you. How can you hate Stargate so much?! I loved both shows, they were frakkin’ hilarious. This cake however is ridiculous, and the woman should divorce him immediately.

  • Vincent

    Jason P, maybe I was a little harsh… but any time I’ve tried to watch it, it just looks like crap.

  • Sara Fox

    Come on… if you think the cake is lame, that’s your own opinion. But for the person who wanted it for wedding is her or his own choice. So respect that. With that I can see that person loves Stargate. No big deal for me.


  • Jimmy Bryant

    The cake does look cool, I love the idea of traveling through to another world….

  • Ally

    Your very closed minded.
    They don’t make several spin off shows b/c its unsuccessful. Although lemmings normally cant think for themselves anyway. I’ll end this comment now, so it can brief and you can go back to watching your old episodes of Laguna Beach.

  • Vincent

    Man, I’m really tired of the fucking retarded people leaving comments. NOT EVERYONE WILL LIKE EVERYTHING YOU LIKE. Read the rest of the blog and tell me that it’s written by someone that likes Laguna Beach.

  • I love SG1 but i cant really say that i live SGU all that much. I still havnt found the time to watching SG Atlantis yet.

  • I enjoy SG-1, maybe not on the level that I enjoy Ron D. Moore’s reimagined Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek, but it has its place, I wouldn’t quite call it an outcast of Sci-Fi… it did afterall go for ten seasons and has spawned two spinoffs. I didn’t quite get into SG-A or SG-U though.

    If you were watching SG-1 after BSG, then you more than likely were seeing the latter seasons which really weren’t all that great. Seasons 1-7 of SG-1 are the strongest.

  • Vincent

    Fair enough.

    Wow, I really lost it up there. I love reading old comments.

  • Melissa

    Who said it had to be the guy’s idea and that the woman should divorce him? Why is it instantly assumed that the guy wanted the cake that way…. perhaps it was the woman, or both. Personally, my fiance and I don’t want a traditional cake… we’re considering Stargate (hence how I found this) among a large list of other ideas. The colors on the cake are wrong, but whatever. Get over yourselves. If you don’t like it, fine, but it’s not your place to go judging someone else’s choice to have this cake. It’s none of your business and your bickering doesn’t change the fact that they had this cake despite your opinion and they probably don’t give to S%!t’s about your opinion anyway and therefore nothing you can say will make them go back and redo a wedding with a “more normal or acceptable cake”. So all your whining is for nothing.

  • Vincent

    Melissa, you’re going into hysterics. You’re right though, my campaign to get people to cancel weddings based upon my prior approval of their cakes is not working. Oh, if only I could make a law that would make people get “normal” cakes rather than those based on terrible sci-fi franchises. You’re right; it isn’t my place to judge the poor decisions of others.

  • Melissa

    Vincent, in saying that their decisions are poor… you ARE judging their decisions… Lay off idiot.
    They’re decisions are their decisions in their own taste, and your opinions are your own opinions in your own taste… you like different things and so do they! Get over yourself…
    Be like everyone else and have a bland and boring wedding cake for your own wedding, but let them make their own decisions and lay off the criticism over whether or not their decisions appeal to you or not… and just get the heck over it!

  • Vincent

    Wait… wait… I think you misunderstand me. I’m saying that if someone wants to make a bad decision, that they should just go for it! Who am I to criticize?! From now on I’m going to make sure not to poke fun at anyone for anything that they do, because that is wrong. I’m totally getting over myself. Please share pictures of your terrible cake!

  • Angie

    Well, I have to say I am a huge Stargate fan! I love Sci-fi shows and tv series with action and comedy. Stargate is one of the best action-comedy series out there. Of course you have to be into that kind of stuff but i do agree with PrfktTear, Stargates best times were 1-7 and thats because of Jack O’neill (played by Riichard Dean Anderson) He made the show popular. Stargate Atlantis wasn’t as good as SG-1 but i liked it bc it actually developed into something, SGU on the other hand, however in my own opinion is not worth watching at all. It had no point. Anyways I really like the cake, whoever made it is very talented and creative. It would be great for a birthday but not for a wedding.

  • The first seven seasons of SG-1 closely follow the arc of TNG in that the first couple seasons were the writers, actors, and producers of the show trying to find its identity. The third season it comes into its own, the fourth and fifth are “quintessential” seasons when they’re firing on all four burnders, and then sixth and seventh are still good buy they’ve already started to crest and are crashing hard. Seasons 8-10 are basically an echo of what made the show great. Although I think TNG could have gone on for a few more seasons too, I think it was for the best the pulled the plug.

    As far as geek cakes, I’m all for it if thats what floats your boat. However I hate it when people try to be different just for the sake of being different. A couple I’m friends with did something non-traditional, but tasteful — they got a bunch of cupcakes and they were frosted to look like a bed of flowers. Its not geeky, but I thought it was nice. I’ve heard of other people using action figures as cake toppers, another couple I know used little bride & groom rubber duckies for their cake toppers (rubber duckies was the theme), and I believe Poe and his wife used Futurama figures. When/if I ever get married, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of nerdy nods, but I think I’ll leave the cake alone.

  • Holly

    I’ve had a request by a bride and groom to make a cake similar to this one for there bridal shower. They are a hugh fan of Stargate. Can you tell me what the portal is made of and how you done the center blue part? Any help you could send my way would be great. Awesome job on the cake. They really like it. Thanks for any help you send my way. Holly, Missouri

  • Internet Pro Tip: When you see a picture of something on the internet, it doesn’t mean that the person posting that thing had anything to do with the creation of the thing in the picture. This is especially true when the person posting the image brutally criticizes the item.