Starcom Special Series: The Starmax Bomber and Starwolf


I recently got my sweaty nerd hands on the Starcom Starmax Bomber. For those of you not keeping track (shame on you), the Starmax bomber was my number one most wanted toy or in collector terms, my Holy Grail. You see, I wanted one that was in good shape in order to rebuild my childhood one. I managed to finally get the one pictured above through the nice fella that runs the site Cool and Collected. They’re usually pretty expensive, but I worked out a trade consisting of a various assortment of newborn baby souls. I got a bunch of other cool Starcom vehicles along with the bomber, so I figured I’d do a series of posts pointing just out how ball dropping awesome these Starcom toys are. So let’s get cranking! I mean cracking!

One thing I always appreciated about Starcom toys, at least on the good guy side, is that they’re grounded in reality. Clearly the bomber took some cues from the now retired space shuttle in terms of basic shape, but made more “futuristic” and “ass kicking.”



The Starmax bomber fits one pilot in the cock pit and a couple of guys in the back. I’m assuming one guys is in charge of bombs and the other is the navigator. Then again, I think about this stuff too much.


The rear cargo bay opens (if it works, which this one doesn’t) via a motor, which pushes it out with a push of a switch.  I absolutely loved and still love the fact that the Starmax bomber’s cargo compartment is so versatile. In the picture here we’ve got a fuel pod, a smaller vehicle that could fold up and fit in there, and a troop carrier that fits in back. You had to admire how realistic this is. They made several other types of containers, some that fold out into little playsets. I’m still on the lookout for those so, if you have one hook a geek brother up!

On the back of the Starmax bomber is a cylinder. That cylinder contains four of bombs, this is a “bomber” after all. The bombs will drop as you turn the cylinder and more than likely, they’ll be lost forever into the void of lost toys and children’s tears. Seriously, the bombs are pretty rare. In another nod to functionality, the bombs have ball bearings at the top so they can work with the magnet tech built into the bomber!


The Starmax bomber is loaded for battle, unlike the pansy space shuttle. It’s got guns on top, guns on the sides, and two more guns that pop out. Sweet!

If you look at that little hump to the rear of the back cannons, that serves a rather special purpose, check it out:


It’s like a docking spot for the small Starwolf Starfighter. Again, sweet.

The Starwolf isn’t that amazing on it’s own except for the ability to dock.  It also can fold up, to better fit inside the cargo compartment of the Starmax bomber.


It unfolds with the press of the button. That is, if you’re lucky to get one that has a working motor inside.


I’m really happy that I’ve been able to get a bomber in such good shape. Once I combine it with my original, I pretty much am done toy collecting. Just kidding, there’s a bunch of holes I have to fill and a Super Powers collection I have to start. Ahh, the life of a collector.

That wraps up this addition of the Starcom Special series. If you’re interested in a more general overview be sure to check out the previously published here.  Also there’s some amazing Lego Starcom vehicles here.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    You lucky turd. I hope to heck I find more of them in my toy hunts this summer. Again, I’m jealous.

  • I’ll probably selling my dupes and left over pieces after I’ve combined it with my old stuff if you’re interested.

  • lamartherevenger


  • That is awesome!! Seems to have some great features, especially cool is being able to put small vehicles in the cargo hold.

  • Melanie castle

    Hi, I have various Starcom pieces for sale. If you or anyone you know interested, please let me know. I have Starcom 6 shooter in box with instructions, starmax bomber, boxed with instructions. Various figures and some smaller vehicles too.

  • How much?

  • Robert Humphrey

    Hi Melanie, I would be interested in the starcom items you have if they are still available. My email is

  • Dude that was months ago and she never replied to me. Enjoy the spam you’re probably going to get for leaving that email out there though.

  • Robert Humphrey

    Thanks for your concern… spam “dude”

  • You’re “welcome”