Starcom Special Series: Shadowbat and Parasite

Triangles are both evil and cool looking.

If geometry class taught us anything, it was that triangles are both evil and cool looking.

In the last Starcom Special Series we covered the Starmax bomber, the flagship vehicle on the good guy side. This time, we turn our attention to the bad guy toys and their flagship vehicle, the Shadowbat Battle Cruiser along with it’s support craft, the Shadow Parasite.


While the men (no women in toy form at least, sorry ladies) of the U.S. Space Force got vehicle designs that were grounded in real life designs, the bad guys of the Shadow Force got vehicles that were a bit more otherworldly. In the case of their Shadowbat it is a vehicle that is mostly a triangle. Triangles are inherenitly evil, so a black triangle is evil times two. Like the Starmax Bomber, the Shadowbat has some weapons that pop out. In this case, it’s the two front cannons and a rear cannon.


Check that one off the bucket list.

One of the coolest aspects of the Shadowbat is the wing section which has room for two of its fighter support craft, the Parasite. When I was a kid, I was only able to get one of the fighters leaving an unfulfilled dream. Well how do you like me now!? (Sorry for that country song reference, I promise not to do it again).


Another feature in common with the Starmax Bomber is the ability to carry cargo or small vehicles. In this case the Shadowbat carries it in it’s belly. When sitting, you can push a button and it raises the ship up to reveal this cargo compartment. In the case of the Shadow Raider (pictured), it can be set to move on out after opening.


While I do enjoy the Starwolf, the good guy fighter, the bad guy version was much cooler. Not only did it integrate into the main ship in a cooler fashion, but it too was a triangle!


The action feature on the Parasite is rather simple. It pops open and reveals guns. Simple, but deadly. Which is entirely different than silent, but deadly.

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  • Chad B

    These were some great toys that were really under appreciated in their time. I wish i still had the driver for the one I still have somewhere among my thigns that are still at my parents’ house.