Starcom in Lego

Vincent   May 23, 2011   4 Comments on Starcom in Lego


While “surfing cyberspace” I happened to run across this bit of Starcom related greatness. Custom Starcom Legos!


So… so beautiful. In case you’re wondering, they were apparently made by the same dude who made the Lego M.A.S.K. toys that everyone loves. His online handle is Orion Pax and you can a read an interview with him if you click on the link below. Enjoy! Oh yeah and don’t forget to check out my big Starcom article found here.

Thanks to: Infinite Hollywood

  • lamartherevenger

    Sweet Jesus! That made my day. FREAKIN AWESOME!

  • Those are amazing!! Awesome stuff. Wonder what he’ll create next.

  • Felinius

    I was just recently thinking about old 80’s and 90’s toys I had as a kid, and was trying to remember the little space toys with the magnets in them…I remembered what they looked like but not the name…now I can remember the name!

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