Star Wars The Force Awakens Countdown T-Shirt Challenge Day 4


Star Wars The Force Awakens is only 14 days away! Start vomiting with excitement! This is the fourth Star Wars shirt I wear as I honor the memory of George Lucas and the financial future of Disney by wearing a different Star Wars shirt until the opening of the new masterpiece in cinema history.


Look at how ridiculous I look. I never expected to wear this particular Star Wars t-shirt openly in public, but a wonderful thing happened: I left it up to Twitter to vote. I put up a poll for an Ewok shirt or no Ewok shirt. Twitter overwhelmingly picked Ewok shirt. Otherwise, I would have worn it on the weekend and not left the house. Now I’m walking around work looking like this. I hope you’re happy.

Twitter Ewok Poll

I got this sucker at Walmart. I’m sure that statement does not surprise you in any capacity whatsoever. It was a part of a series of shirts like it, so you’ll see the other two I purchased in this very countdown. This is by far the most ridiculous Star Wars shirt I own. I’m not a huge fan of designs that take up most of the front of the shirt, much less tie dye shirts, but I couldn’t resist. In fact, my girlfriend Aria and I were looking for this shirt when we saw a pic posted online. Once I found it, I got her one, plus one for the girlfriend of my buddy Shawn of Digital Monkey Box. But you don’t give a shit about any of that! STAR WARS!