Star Wars The Force Awakens Countdown T-Shirt Challenge Day 3


It’s day three meaning we only have 15 more days until Star Wars The Force Awakens is released! Aren’t you excited?! If you’re not excited get to a doctor because you have a serious case of being an asshole!

Star Wars Tshirt Day 3

Isn’t it odd that I’m counting up the days when it’s a countdown? Anyway, today’s Star wars shirt is a bit of an older one. It’s not the most manly Star Wars shirt as it prominently features R2-D2 and C-3PO in cool comic art. I really enjoy that it is just these two. I don’t always need X-wings or Darth Vaders to prove that I’m a manly nerd.

For those somehow still reading this, there’s some history with this shirt of robot buddies. It was given to me by my ex-wife Babette who, if anything, was an excellent giver of t-shirts. Ironically, I was just informed that my current girlfriend saw me wearing this t-shirt in a picture I used on OK Cupid and it was one of the reasons why she went on a date with me. There you have it. Undeniable proof. This shirt gets you chicks.