Star Wars The Force Awakens Countdown T-Shirt Challenge Day 2

Vincent   December 2, 2015   Comments Off on Star Wars The Force Awakens Countdown T-Shirt Challenge Day 2


Did you hear that there’s going to be a new Star Wars movie called The Force Awakens coming out?! And it’s premiering in 16 days! If you didn’t know that, I’m very happy to inform you of that fact. I bet your quality of life improved substantially. I’m celebrating this upcoming release by the Disney corporation by wearing a different Star Wars t-shirt each day. Here is today’s shirt:


This shirt came from Target. It’s one of those Star Wars t-shirts that is extremely common, because it is sold at Target. I always like blueprint designs, and I got this on a Black Friday 40% off deal. Still, not really excited that everyone who likes Star Wars and goes to Target will buy this. Too many chances of awkward encounters with other nerds where we have to talk about how we have the same shirt. Look. I really don’t want to talk to you.

Remember when you had to go to specialty stores for shirts like this? And now anyone can buy a nerd shirt from practically any store? It’s cool, but also lame when everyone has the same five shirts.

One thing I really dislike about this shirt is the fact that they had to put Star Wars in yellow near the bottom. Just in case you didn’t understand that the Death Star comes from Star Wars. I’m glad they made that clear so people aren’t completely perplexed as I walk by them. “What could that object possibly be on that nerd man’s shirt?!” they say as they grasp the sides of their temples to try to keep their brain from leaking out of their heads. I guess it also annoys me that it says Death Star. I like my nerd shirts to be slightly more subtle. The really cool people will “get it”.