Star Wars The Force Awakens Countdown T-Shirt Challenge Day 15


Holy cats, A Force Awakens is almost here! In only 3 days Star Wars the Force Awakens will be officially released. You’ve waited your entire life for this moment! To hold you over, be sure to buy more Force Awakens merchandise at a store near you.

This is the 15th different Star Wars t-shirt in a row that I’ve worn in anticipation of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Today’s shirt is awesome, because it is home made!

Star Wars tshirt 15

This shirt is a little low key, but also not at the same time. As you can see it features the cartoon version of Wicket the ewok popping out of the pocket. My girlfriend made this shirt by printing off Wicket and then sewing him into the pocket. We both know you’re super jealous. It’s okay, you can admit it.