Star Wars The Force Awakens Countdown T-Shirt Challenge Day 13

Vincent   December 13, 2015   Comments Off on Star Wars The Force Awakens Countdown T-Shirt Challenge Day 13


Guess what? It’s almost time for A Force Awakens! In only 5 days Star Wars the Force Awakens will be officially released and you can finally die. The pain you’ve felt as an immortal watching all your loved ones grow old and die before you… it’ll be over. The long curse will finally be lifted. Take heart.

This is the 13th different Star Wars t-shirt in a row that I’ve worn in anticipation of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Today’s shirt is the “tough” version of the Ewok shirt I wore on day 4:

Star Wars Tshirt 13

This shirt is ridiculous. That Stormtrooper helmet is way too large and the tie-dye isn’t helping any. It has all the awfulness of the ewok shirt, without the cuteness that makes a certain percentage of the population exclaim, “Oh he’s so adorable!” (in reference to Wicket)

This is the kind of shirt you’d find on a nerd that I like to call, “The unfuckables”. They’re usually walking around with bed head, they may smell a little, and they can’t talk to normal people. You know who I’m talking about. They’re usually passionately babbling to the employee at the comic book shop about some annoying bullshit while you’re just hoping to check out. I don’t know how the employees put up with those people. Well anyway, I can fit right in with them now!