Star Wars The Force Awakens Countdown T-Shirt Challenge Day 11


In only 7 days Star Wars the Force Awakens blows your nuts off with fantastic tales of Star Warriors and their daring-do! This is the 11th different Star Wars t-shirt in a row that I’ve worn to celebrate the release of Disney’s greatest achievement.

Star Wars T-shirt 11

I got this shirt from the hardware store Manards, which I discussed at length on day one. I love the design of this shirt. The color, the art, it’s all great. It’s a little larger design than I normally like, but it really works for this shirt. The weird thing is that the design on the shirt is a little off center and I’m not sure if that’s on purpose or not.

Anyway, be sure to pack extra diapers when you see Force Awakens, you’re going to need them!