Star Wars Solo Trailer Reaction and Speculation Time!


Hey kids, I know the cool thing to do is to upload a video of yourself to Youtube looking like a complete jack ass freaking out about a 30 second clip. Instead, read our thoughts! Reading is good for you!

The new Solo trailer for this upcoming Star Wars side story is brief, but man it really turned me around on this project. I guess I’m really easy to please. Almost everyone knows about the issues with the directors being fired and being replaced by Ron Howard. Regardless of your feelings on Ron Howard it’s a bit scary knowing that there was a huge shift in direction. Well, after seeing the two teasers I’m fully on board!

We decided to share our reaction and engage in a bit of speculation. Join me (Vincent) and Chris on this adventure.


Vincent: Hands moving Star Wars controls! This got me more excited than it should have.

Chris: Okay, maybe you are too easy. I was like, “Yup, this is stuff I recognize.” I’m getting jaded. That said, the sound design is a little different than you might expect. Sounds… real? Like, not overly sci-fi.


Vincent: Looks like an Imperial train station. Notice there’s an R2 unit in there.

Chris: There’s also some Stormtroopers. I hear there will be yet another variation on them this time. Rogue One gave us Death Troopers and some sort of Tank Troopers. There will be Range Troopers in this one. They’re approaching G.I. Joe BLANK-Viper territory but honestly, that does make for better toys. They need more cool soldiers and weirdos in their toys.

Vincent: Some of the Rogue One troopers worked out okay, but when they got to “Execution Trooper” in Last Jedi they had finally reached max stupidity level on specialized troops.


Vincent: Han Solo meets with an Imperial recruiter. Han Solo’s back story in the expanded universe has always included him being in the Empire in some capacity, I’m really glad they kept that in.

Chris: Yeah, I don’t remember most of the Expanded Universe stuff I read up through the 90s but everything in the trailer basically lines up with the broad strokes of what we think of Han’s history. If he’s applying to the Academy, I would guess this takes place on Han’s home planet, Corellia. Man, I bet this was hilarious when Lord & Miller directed it. Office jokes! Han stealing a stapler. Nerdy bureaucrats!

By the way, doesn’t it seem like a weird place to have a job interview? In the middle of a busy train station? How does that work? “You said you had experience flying what?”




Vincent: I can see Han being into cars aka speeders. He seems like he could be a car guy.

Chris: They put in speeder cars to give George Lucas a visible boner. Sneaky sneaky.

In a measure of seriousness, you can’t see it too well in this screencap but in the video you can tell he has the small gold dice that you see hanging in the Falcon’s cockpit in Star Wars and that we see at the end of Last Jedi. I sure hope we get 15 minutes explaining where they came from.


Vincent: Han and Qi’Ra (Emilia Clarke) are on the run from the Empire? The speeder bike kind of reminds me of Rey’s.

Chris: I’m guessing these are his early days on Corellia and he and Qi’Ra grew up together. He probably ran small scams and crap before becoming a full smuggler. Hey, maybe he gets in trouble with the Empire and is forced to join them just like Mahoney in the first Police Academy.

Yeah, I bet Solo follows the plot of Police Academy. I can’t wait for the scene where Han Solo sneaks a young Sy Snootles into the podium and she blows Grand Moff Tarkin in front of everyone.


Vincent: It looks like an early Imperial type we haven’t seen before. More toy sales!

Chris: Sold! It must be hard to create new single-environment planets for Star Wars. This looks like rainy industrial fishing village.


Vincent: Lots of speeders in this movie are square/rectangular. I wonder if that was the style in between the Clone Wars and A New Hope.

Chris: More importantly, I think I see Admiral Ackbar’s cousin swimming in the ocean!

To be serious for two seconds, check out the chassis and tail lights for his speeder. It’s totally designed to look like… a FORD FALCON.

ford falcon


Vincent: There’s a few fur coats in the Solo trailers. Boy, PETA is going to be pissed off.

Chris: “Up here in the mountains, it’s cold. I’ll remember some survival skills in case I’m ever caught out in the cold with only a Tauntaun and a lightsabre.”

Vincent: “I wonder if they smell worse on the inside or the outside. Oh well, I will probably never find out.”


Vincent: We get to see an interior of a ship we assume is the Millennium Falcon except this time it’s super brand new looking. It would make sense that it would look like garbage by the time we see it in A New Hope, in our world cars can age pretty quickly… especially if you use them for smuggling.

Chris: I recognize this!


Vincent: Han looking at the Falcon. We don’t know how he’s going to get it from Lando. Maybe he’s thinking of stealing it or winning it.

Chris: I read a hilariously misguided post today about how the Falcon looking new and slightly different in Solo creates a massive continuity error. How? Well, in Revenge of the Sith there’s a shot where the Falcon is flying on Coruscant in the background and it looks like it does in the later Star Wars movies. But that took place before this!

A) Good luck noticing that.

B) I can actually believe that there are starship manufacturers that make more than one of each starship. You know how we saw lots of X-Wings? There might be lots of Corellian Freighters!

Vincent: I saw that article too. I think they put stock into it because Lucas or someone said it was supposed to be the same one. Guess what? It’s not explicitly stated in the film so it could be a different ship. Sorry, nerds.


Vincent: It’s a space train! I’m going to guess there’s some sort of cargo on it that the heroes want to steal.

Chris: I bet Woody Harrelson teaches Han to steal something off it. The train looks a lot like that one train level that was in Shadows of the Empire (RIP, Expanded Universe).


Vincent: A cool new bad guy fights on top of a train with Han Solo.

Chris: I just hope they don’t have this guy say at the end, “Now it’s time to put on my armor and call myself… Boba Fett!”


Vincent: Hanging out on a beach. I have no idea what’s happening here.

Chris: It might be Han and Qi’Ra going to that gambling place we see in a few shots.

I hope it’s Jakku and we see Han trick Rey’s parents out of their last dollar.


Vincent: Woody Harrelson aka Tobias Beckett plays one of the most normal named characters in Star Wars. I’m guessing that maybe that this is a space cemetery.

Chris: “Kid, I’m gonna teach you two things: how to smuggle and how to desecrate the sacred land of the porgs.”


Vincent: Man, that’s a cool costume. There’s the droid which I’m going to be is the new K2SO. The droid that we fall in love with and dies.

Chris: But this droid is female. Game changer. Also, this is Qi’Ra so I guess the movie will feature several time jumps of Han getting older.

Vincent: There’s already been a female droid. The waitress in Dexter’s diner in Episode II. Yes, that really was a scene in a real star Wars movie and not a fever dream!


Vincent: Donald Glover plays Lando. Now can we get Lando in Episode 9 please? And not kill him off?

Chris: Great casting idea. Glover and Harrelson are the best chances of making this entertaining.

Is it a little weird that they aren’t really showing us Han himself?

Vincent: Yes and no. Every time I see new Han’s face I think, “That’s not really Han.”


Vincent: Only good shot of this character. I wonder how important she’ll be. She looks pretty bad ass.

Chris: Thandie Newton. Fantastic these days on Westworld. She will either teach Han how to hide in secret cargo spots or she’ll end up being an Imperial spy.


Vincent: Space Monkey at the helm!

Chris: There’s always gotta be at least one weirdo pilot in Star Wars movies. I was hoping for Sebulba.


Vincent: Han Solo entering a gambling den or something? Moody shot, that’s for sure.

Chris: Canto Bight? Probably not. Maybe that tower on the beach.


Vincent: Chewie has two bandoliers! New toy opportunity!

Chris: I guess it’s tricky to make Chewie look different in the movies because he’s basically just a naked bear. I think a 90s flattop would be the way to go. Maybe a leather jacket.


Vincent: Lando and new droid exchange cool hand signals. I wonder if Lando owns him.

Chris: He pwns her. Is that still a thing?


Vincent: Weird singer with a weird thing in a jar. Weird.

Chris: Looks like Boushh’s helmet. The view here makes me think it’s the tower on the beach and also the gambling area. But who knows?


Vincent: Han about to do a quick draw. He was always considered a gunslinger, but we really never got to see him do an old west draw unless you count him murdering Greedo in cold blood.

Chris: Alternately, Han will master the ability to shift to his side with no noticeable facial or muscle reaction to avoid a blaster shot. Then he’ll declare, “I never shoot first!”


Vincent: Is this the cool new bad guy we see on top of the train?!

Chris: Absolutely. I hope there’s a bunch of weirdo bounty hunters in this movie. Something I’ve been wanting more of since Return of the Jedi.

Vincent: *pushes glasses up bridge of my nose* I think you mean Empire Strikes Back.


Vincent: There’s some shots of a transport and a few smaller ships. Maybe it’s part of a big heist part of the movie.

Chris: That’s more likely than my guess: Han Solo spends 8 long years as a city bus driver.


Vincent: Han acting cocky then a little off put when his pal tells him she’s got him figured out.

Chris: I will bet you any amount of Imperial credits that Qi’Ra knows his “real name” and it ain’t as cool as Han Solo. I hope I’m wrong though.

Vincent: “Han Solo was the dog’s name!”


Vincent: An Imperial Star Destroyer launches some TIEs. We get to see a new TIE (new toy!). I’m going to assume that it’s a recon TIE or one with advanced scanners in the crazy space environment.

Chris: Looks to me like a second gunner emplacement of some sort. And I think only the lead one is like that. The strange nebula stuff reminds me of Star Trek II. Which probably means this is the Kessel Run because that was a throwaway line that hasn’t been explained yet.


Vincent: Here’s a different shot. It looks cool.

Chris: I agree, it does look very cool.


Vincent: Han does a fancy roll to destroy a TIE. He’s a pretty good pilot!

Chris: “Let’s try spinning – that’s a good trick! Whoaaaa!”

Yeah, this weird area must be the Kessel Run.


Vincent: Han being cocky.

Chris: Shots like this help establish Harrison Ford’s classic line in Empire Strikes Back: “When I was younger, I looked and sounded like a different person!”


Vincent: An appropriate reaction shot for the situation.

Chris: Never tell him the odds! (I hope no one says that line again)


Vincent: I’m not super excited for a gigantic space squid, but Star Wars has had much worse.

Chris: I guess it’s established enough. If you can have space slugs, you can have space squids.


Vincent: Here’s a better shot of the Falcon sporting the solid piece between the mandibles. Pretty cool. And a good way to… sell new toys!

Chris: If this is a freighter, maybe that used to carry actual freight?


Vincent: Chewie rests his hand on Han in a reassuring manner. I bet this is after his girlfriend kicks the bucket in this flick.

Chris: He and Han are making the heroic choice to sell guns to Jabba the Hutt (I mean, he’s probably in the movie is all I’m saying).

And it looks like we now have the first full scene from the movie:

  • Big Jim

    I was curious to see the movie, but now I’m actually looking forward to it. Still wary of the “Han Solo is not his real name” rumour. An origin story for his name seems both unimaginative and unnecessary. Han Solo sounds like a made-up name? That’s because it is – he’s a fictional character. People can accept a galaxy full of alien creatures, space battles, The Force*, and a family called “Skywalker”, but the name “Han Solo” is a bit too implausible and needs to be explained?

    *Did no one learn from the Midichlorians mistake?