Star Wars Posters and Lens Flares….

I love the movie poster work of Drew Struzan who has made posters for some of the greatest films in the universe. His work has spanned many popular geek movies including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Big Trouble in Little China, and Blade Runner. He has a distinctive style that captures the epicness of the movies that are his subjects. However, it wasn’t until I saw this image in an article talking about him being approached by Disney for more Star Wars art did I notice something:


The worst Star Wars films, the prequels, all have lens flares while the originals don’t. Furthermore, the worst prequel films have the biggest lens flares! Sure the original Star Wars films he did poster work on are a bit busy, but no lens flares on them. Was this some sort of subliminal message? Was Struzan trying to indicate how he felt about the film by putting something that is usually hacky in the design world on those film posters?

Mark my words, if Struzan does do a poster for a new Star Wars film and there are lens flares all over it, beware!

And to make matters even more strange, J.J. Abrams, a director who is infamous for horrendous over use of lens flares was announced as the director for the next Star Wars film. What does this all mean!?

Source: Nerd Approved

  • Brilliant observation! Photoshop has made graphic artists lens flare crazy, it seems.

  • I forgot to put it in the post, but that particular artist is seasoned, so maybe he just discovered lensflares when he got a new copy of photoshop and didn’t realize how over used they were.