Star Wars Force Awakens Countdown T-Shirt Challenge Day 1


Today is December first. That means that nerdlingers are eagerly salivating at the prospect of a new Star Wars movie film filling their eyeballs and sound holes with Star Wars goodness in only 17 more days! To mark this momentous occasion, which should occur yearly now that Disney owns Star Wars, I Vincent, ruler of this blog, will wear a different Star Wars t-shirt until the movie is released.

Why should you care? Um… Star Wars! Anyway here’s today’s first shirt:

Star Wars T-Shirt Empire Strikes Back

It’s an Empire Strike Back t-shirt. I believe the logo came from the Marvel comic adaption of the film. I got this shirt at Menards, a giant hardware store chain in the Midwest. I don’t like Menards, but sometimes I go there with my girlfriend when she buys stuff. Wait, you have a problem with that, you sexist?! Yeah, women can build things too, you pig! Anyway, they had a bunch of shirts for 5 bucks, because I guess the plan is to lure nerds in for the cheap Star Wars t-shirts and then they’ll buy expensive hammers or something.

Oh and the reason why I’m wearing a shirt over my shirt. Well, in a stunning turn of events I can normally wear whatever I want to my job, but “The Board” is having a meeting so they are making us wear business casual. We’ll pretend to be professional!