Star Wars Battle Pod Review! Plus Bonus Reviews


After what felt like way too long I finally got behind the joystick of Star Wars Battle Pod. I’ve been dying to play this one for a long time, since the premise of being immersed in Star Wars was so promising. It’s also not that common to have a destination arcade game these days, one you must go seek out.


If you’re not familiar, Star Wars Battle Pod is an arcade game that amps up the user immersion. You are in a little sealed booth that features a large screen that curves a bit. There’s kick ass sound and a kick ass (pun intended) rumble seat. There’s also wind that blows in your face… yeah wind in an enclosed space ship, but it does fool the senses a bit.

With this kind of immersion, I had pretty high expectations. However, the game fell a bit short of them. There aren’t a ton of missions and the ones that are there are super short. I don’t know how long they actually were, but they felt like they were only five minutes long. And the action is so fast that it’s hard to process what’s happening a lot of the time.


Also, you’re not really “flying”, it’s on rails and you can really tell. I had hope it would feel a little more free, but it’s not. Oh well.

While not a bad game, it really feels like all flash and no substance. There were a few moments where it really gave me a sweet Star Wars high, particularly escaping the Death Star II like at the end of Return of the Jedi. I also have to admit that I get a little motion sick at times. If you have problems with that sort of thing, you might want to stay away from Star Wars Battle Pod.


The proudest moment of my life.

Despite not living up to expectations, I will give Star Wars Battle Pod 2 out of 3 thumbs up. It’s fun for what it is.

Mach Storm


I played Star Wars Battle Pod at Dave and Busters and they also had a game called Mach Storm which is almost exactly Star Wars Battle Pod, but based on jet fighters. I played it for a little bit and it was different enough and fun enough to warrant playing.

The biggest difference is the setting. The weapons work a bit differently too. The cannons don’t seem to do much, in this game it’s all about the missiles.

If sci-fi isn’t your thing or you want more Battle Pod experience, then check this sucker out.

2 out of 3 thumbs.

Transformers Human Alliance


I didn’t play as much as Transformers Human Alliance as the other two games. It was more of a taste. It’s a gun game where you sit in a booth shooting at the screen. Sadly, it’s based on the movie Transformers.

What’s weird is that you don’t play as a Transformer. You’re an annoying human. Yes, the humans are as annoying as they are in the movies. One “joke” involves one of the characters saying he’s getting sick and he pukes (off screen). Anyway, you’re humans that shoot powerful guns while hanging on some Transformers or shooting out of them.

It was pretty much like any other shooting game out there. It was pretty okay. I’ll probably play it a bit more because it’s new.

1-1/2 out of 3 thumbs.

  • Chris Piers

    The Star Wars game is $4. It’s really expensive for what it is. I played it once and enjoyed the immersive feel and detailed graphics but got dizzy a couple times too. And it was over pretty fast.

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