Star Wars Attack Squadrons

About a month or so ago Disney released a teaser video for it’s first Star Wars game since it acquired the franchise, Star Wars Attack Squadrons. The teaser promised online star fighter battles. And that’s about all we knew.

So far not much else has been uncovered. There’s supposed to be starship customization, team play, and unlockables. You can also sign up for the Beta test at their website. One of the biggest details that has people stopping in their tracks is that it’s free to play. This sounds like it either could have watered down gameplay or there’s some sort of catch to try to get your cash. I’m guessing it will be in the customization aspect of the game. Another possible negative is that it’s a browser based game, not a download. That further feeds the fear that this won’t be a very deep experience for those looking for ultra cool space combat.


I’ve been hoping for a starfighter sim like the good old days of X-Wing for the PC. That’s probably never going to happen. Hopefully Star Wars Attack Squadron can ease the loss that I have at least a tiny bit.

  • Sweet merciful baby Jesus … X Wing was my end all and be all of gaming. That game came at a perfect time where that game was your only way to experience the best part of the Star Wars Universe. You got to live out the Battle of Endor … over and over again.

  • Same here. I’d even kill for a straight up HD remake of the original games.

  • The closest we ever got were the Rogue Squadron games on N64.

  • I never got too into those, because I found them so fucking hard. Haha… well at least the one I played the most of on the Game Cube.