Star Wars as Great TV Shows

Vincent   April 8, 2009   Comments Off on Star Wars as Great TV Shows


Thanks to the internet fan edits can only make anything that was cool that much cooler. Case in point, the following video clips that I found in my work to avoid any kind of work. First up, we have Star Wars in the classic Dallas style:

Who wouldn’t want to watch a television show with such a great opening such as this? This looks like this Star Wars series would be wall to wall action with a little sister kissing thrown in there for good measure.

Even better than that though is Star Wars as muther fuggen Airworlf:

My love for Airwolf is unrivaled and I’m a huge Star Wars nerd, therefore this is perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever seen aside from the vision that gypsy gave me of my future where I’ll have robot arms and I’m saving President Arnold Schwarzenegger from certain doom. Anyway, the way this Star Wars/Airwolf series looks it has more of a space combat angle. Kind of like Space Above and Beyond, but good. Who wouldn’t want to watch the adventures of Luke Skywalker as he blasts his way across the universe in his trusty prototype X-Wing code named Airwolf? Only an insane person, I say!

To break up the Star Wars action, how about Star Trek as the A-Team?

Thanks to: Boing Boing