Star Trek Voyager Torture: Dreadnought (Season 2 Episode 33)


I thought I had escaped. Despite a few people asking me to keep doing Voyager Torture, I had somehow managed not to watch an episode in months. I kept coming up with excuses until I finally realized that was the coward’s way out. I had to see this through the end and either die or go insane.

So here we are with another Voyager Torture. At least this one is directed by Levar Burton.

Note: Since it’s been awhile I’ll remind everyone the premise of this series. I’m watching Voyager for the first time. Chris then draws a picture from my report based only on my description of the episode.

Star Trek Voyager Episode dreadnought_001

“Well, we did our best to try to do a funny scene.”

Okay, so this episode of Star Trek Voyager begins with a pregnant woman, Kes, and the Doctor talking about what the woman should name her baby. I suppose this is supposed to be a funny scene, and Robert Picardo tries his hardest, but in the end it doesn’t really work. It feels forced. And it doesn’t really have to do with anything, because we cut to the bridge crew analyzing some wreckage and coming to the conclusion that it was from some Cardassian weapons. How is that possible all the way out here in the Delta Quadrant? Maybe it was Seska, hurray we might get to see the only interesting Voyager villain! But no. Torres says it’s her fault; cut to commercial.

Star Trek Voyager Episode dreadnought_002a

“You see, all this stuff happened that we never mentioned before…”

Basically, it’s explained that back when Torres and Chakotay were Marquis they managed to get their hands on this Cardassian super weapon named the Dreadnought. Torres reprogrammed it to attack a Cardassian target, but then it just disappeared. Guess it went to the Delta quadrant. And for some reason the Caretaker just sent it on it’s way?

Oh, before I go on. I forgot to mention when I first wrote this is that there’s a throw away subplot about Paris not following proper Starfleet protocol and the spy guy feeding more information to the Kazon, which also doesn’t pay off. Fun.

The crew figures out that the Dreadnought is headed toward a class M planet and a lot of people are going to die if they don’t do anything about it. And I guess stopping this thing doesn’t violate the Prime Directive somehow (Hey, the galaxy might have had a plan for these people dying, it took a lot of effort to get this thing to them!). The Voyager crew will save the day.

Star Trek Voyager Episode dreadnought_002b

I have a feeling that this whole civilization is just this guy behind a desk.

We only get to see one alien and none of their cities or anything, because they don’t have the budget for such a thing. The alien guy is a little suspicious of the Voyager crew, but overall he seems like a nice guy. This is another example of Voyager missing out on some opportunity for drama. What if the planet had been a bunch of evil assholes? Perhaps the crew would have had to make a moral decision to save them even though they were jerks.

Star Trek Voyager Episode dreadnought_003

Get used to this visual. It’s pretty much most of the episode.

Torres beams over to the Dreadnought, has a conversation with it (it has AI), resets its targeting stuff and then beams off. While the crew talks about what to do with it, which boils down to using it for parts, the thing takes off, heading for the target again.

voyager torture 33 torres talks to a cardassian dreadnaught

Chris’ Note: I had no idea what to draw. Torres talking to a machine? I got nothing.

When Torres manages to get back on board the weapon’s AI explains that it thought she was lying, because there’s no possible way it was in the Delta quadrant. Torres does engineering stuff as she tries to reason with the computer in a sort of a mix between 2001 and old school Star Trek where the hero argues with a computer.

Star Trek Voyager Episode dreadnought_004

More of this.

While Torres does her thing, Janeway decides that their only option if Torres fails is to ram the Dreadnought with the Voyager. She orders everyone abandon ship as she decides to pilot the Voyager. Tuvok elects to stay behind to help her and at this moment I yelled at the screen, “No! Not Tuvok! He’s the only good one! Have Kim stick around to die!”

Star Trek Voyager Episode dreadnought_005

“Captain, I’ll gladly die so I don’t have to be on this ship any longer.”

What I found interesting here was there were no shots of the crew running to escape pods and escape pods ejecting from the ship, because they obviously didn’t have the budget for such a thing.

Star Trek Voyager Episode dreadnought_006

Sorry Janeway, you didn’t get to destroy the ship this episode.

And at the last second, Torres succeeds and Janeway recalls everyone back to the ship.

In the end, this episode was only so so. It was like a nondescript Next Generation episode. However, because I don’t care about many of the characters, I liked it a lot less than a nondescript Next Gen episode and it was in fact, kind of boring. At least it wasn’t the torture session I had imagined it might be.

Least Annoying Characters:

Torres, Tuvok

Most Torturous Moment:

Having to watch Star Trek Voyager again.

Chris Art Accuracy:

Wow, this is surprisingly accurate for not having seen the episode at all. Could have used a few more curves because of the Cardassian design, but overall A+.

Torture Score: 1 out of 5 Neelixes


This episode was mostly boring, not annoying, therefore 1 Neelix suites it just fine.

  • Jan

    I’m glad you’re back. I watched Voyage in a misguided desire to complete all Star Trek. That suffering at least is compensated by the fun your posts give me.

    Choosing Neelix for the scale of pain is masterful.

  • Thank you! I’m going to try to get back onto doing these once a week. Wish me luck.

    And sorry that you had to suffer through Voyager…

  • Dee Kay

    I’m so glad you’re back! I know that this is an arduous and possibly sanity-destroying endeavor for you, but just know that I will be right there with you until the end!

  • Voyager is great from season 3 onward.