Star Trek Problems: Yamok Sauce


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Vincent’s Comments: Today’s Star Trek Problems boldly goes where no Star Trek Problems has gone before! This time we get a look at the problems on board Deep Space 9 aka DS9. I missed out on DS9 when it first came out. I thought it was boring. Only later did I catch up on the series and realize it was arguably the best Star Trek series. Today’s strip really makes me think about Odo. And then when I think about Odo I think about how he got with Major Kira. And then that grosses me out, like the idea of him being a toilet grosses me out.

Chris’ Comments: Good. That was my goal.

  • Anthony Hita

    If you ever do more on DS9, I recommend doing one based on Pokemon. Sisko’s main move in the show is obviously “Intimidate”, and it is usually “Super Effective”. He also seems to be trying to collect one of every species for his crew…

  • Andrew Williams

    Why would any woman want to have sex with anyone else after Odo?

    He can look like anyone, become a ridiculous muscle hunk, and set his personal phaser to ‘rotate, wriggle, oscillate, grow, shrink’ and ‘just completely obliterate any woman’s hole’.