Star Trek Problems: Whoopsie Daisies

Chris Piers   December 6, 2013   Comments Off on Star Trek Problems: Whoopsie Daisies


Chris’ Comments: Vincent is under the weather so I’m not sure if he’s up for adding his comments to this one. However, I thought it was necessary to give him credit. This was an idea he wanted to see so I made it to amuse him. We don’t get a lot of replies so sometimes, here on Robot’s Pajamas, we write posts and make comics to amuse each other.

Vincent’s Comments: Oh I’m here to comment! The idea here came from watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan when Khan is in this scene he puts the bug thing pretty close to his own ear. I thought, what if he dropped it just now? Would he freak out? I would like to imagine that he would have lost all of his bravado and just straight out panicked.

And Chris is also right, The Robot’s Pajamas is basically us just entertaining each other.