Star Trek Problems: Where’s Food Come From?


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Vincent’s Comments: I’m proud to say that I helped come up with the idea for this Star Trek Problems. Unless you don’t think it’s funny. Then this one is all on Chris. I can imagine that there’s some sort of explanation for where the matter comes from in Star Trek The Next Generation that they use in their replicators in some fake Starfleet manual out there, but this is much more fun.

  • Alex James

    Actually this is pretty much accurate to the Tech Manual written by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda. They call it a “matter repository” or something, but Sternbach more or less goes on record saying “we dematerialize the poo and turn it into food.”

  • Chris Piers

    I wonder if that means each person’s individual biochemistry adds a certain hint of flavor to their food. “Oh! I just got a Riker.”

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  • Andrew Williams

    This is what they tell us in other Star Treks, anyway.

    ST: Enterprise had a question about this from one of the schoolkids. The waste reclaimed is recycled into ‘boots’ and whatever.