Star Trek Problems: Troi’s Mysterious Pregnancy


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Vincent’s Comments: I believe this week’s Star Trek problems comes from one of the worst episodes of Next Generation. Either that or it stems from Chris’s fantasies of a preggers Troi. Regardless, Riker never seemed the dad type, unless you count that episode where he was one, but again that was a trick. What was I saying? Oh, yeah I bet there’s some kind of crazy birth control that is really effective, otherwise Risa would have a gene pool that consisted mostly of Riker’s descendants.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Makes you wonder how many times Riker went thru that..

  • CitizenjaQ

    I find it astonishing that in over two years no one has pointed out that Dr. Pulaski was the chief medical officer when Troi got pregnant.

  • Chris Piers

    It was a second mystery pregnancy.

  • Yeah, I figure these strips don’t take place in the actual Star Trek universe, so stuff can happen whenever.

  • CitizenjaQ

    I guess when it starts happening over and over why keep making episodes about it? Wesley can’t have been sentenced to death only ONCE.

  • Andrew Williams

    So she was really a he?