Star Trek Problems: The Useless Crewmember

Star Trek Problems 76: Chief O'Brien is useless

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Don’t get me wrong, Chief O’Brien was very likable. And he was a fantastic character on Deep Space 9. Just fantastic. But on Next Generation, they really made the transporter room useless. They were always beaming from wherever they were, so why did they need an actual room? Vincent told me he’s pretty sure he read a technical manual for the Enterprise that says there are actually TWENTY of these rooms, for emergencies. Those crewmembers must stand around for 8 hours at a stretch doing jack shit.

  • David Atwell

    Have you ever read ? It addresses that exact issue. (And I agree, he was great in DS9)

  • Chris Piers

    I have heard of it and seen some of them where he’s being cuckolded by Riker. Love it. Great art, too. Thanks for the link. I guess I’ll probably not comment on O’Brien again since someone else is doing that exclusively. This one came up because site owner Vincent was explaining to me all the transporter rooms and I was just like, “…Why?”

  • Powers

    Not all 20 rooms were manned regularly. Only two or four depending on shift. (Maybe two more in the engineering hull.)

    Site-to-site transport had to be coordinated through the transporter room anyway, since that’s where the pattern buffers are. And it wasn’t really used all that often.

  • You must be a joy to be around.

  • Powers

    You’re the one who asked the question. Did you not want an answer?

    Edit: sorry, not you, Chris. Nonetheless I was just answering the question (including some implied questions) posed.

  • Hah sorry man, I got caustic too soon. We’ve been getting a lot more negative comments lately so I’ve been way more snappy than usual.

  • Powers

    Sorry about the negative comments. My experience has been that Trek fans love to talk about Trek, so maybe I should have started off being a little less direct.