Star Trek Problems: Space Law & Order Part I

Its the start of Star Trek meets Law and order. A body is discovered

Vincent’s Comments: It’s Lawn and Order meets Star Trek: The Next Generation! I like how Wesley is just roaming the halls talking about how great he is, but what’s this, he’s found a body… and it’s a fan favorite character!

  • sensorsweep

    the tag star trek problems is spelled with an extra s.
    i almost skipped it!

    hmmm… there appear to be more tagged under just Star Trek Problems..

    is there a single tag that includes all of these?

    they are fantastic.

  • I think I put them all in their own category of Star Trek Problems.

    If I find some time I’ll go in and clean up the tags. Thanks for the heads up.

    Glad you enjoy them! Maybe we can push Chris to do more!!

  • sensorsweep

    i eventually figured out the category vs. tag difference, but left the comment because i saw this. hah

    yes! chris should definitely do more.
    nothing makes me happier than knowing that Spot has a crush on Worf.

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