Star Trek Problems: Rerouting

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Vincent’s Comments: Star Trek: The Next Generation sure loved techno-babble. Techno-babble is the part of the show where the characters solve a problem by spewing jargon about doing this or that that sounds sort of plausible, but still makes no sense to the average person. One thing that I always wanted in the real world was the ability to reroute stuff. Let’s say my car engine starts acting a little funny. Reroute from the A/C and I can get to the nearest service station!

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  • Peter Boyall

    Driving a Nissan Leaf, it is kinda like that now though. I have one big battery that powers everything – drive motor, climate control, wipers, lights, other auxiliary stuff. I even have a funky display that shows me how much power each is taking. So I really *can* “reroute auxiliary power to the main drive” :-)

  • This is the only time I’ve ever wanted to own a Nissan Leaf. Thanks for that.

  • Anthony Hita

    Likewise, if you are driving a traditional combustion engine vehicle and it starts to overheat, you can reroute some of the heat through the heating/cooling system. On my Jeep, I can also reroute power to certain wheels depending on trail or road conditions.

  • Hmm I wouldn’t consider the overheating thing “rerouting” I’d consider that “venting” as in, “Captain, I’m venting the boronic gas to prevent warp core overload!”

  • Anthony Hita

    Granted. Although, perhaps it is more helpful to think of a starship like a building rather than a vehicle. In your house, you have a circuit breaker, and you need to route power usage through it in a way that doesn’t trip any breakers and provides enough power to what you need to run.