Star Trek Problems: New Uniform Day

Star Trek Problems 74. No consistent uniforms.

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But seriously, can anyone explain to me why the crew weren’t in consistent uniforms in Star Trek: Generations?

  • William Bruce West

    That always bothered me. It was like a rolling transition to the DS9 suits. It also didn’t help that they’d designed completely new uniforms for the movie, but they were scrapped. They still made it to some of the action figures, though.

  • Anthony Hita

    The real reason is because they had to use uniforms from DS9 to fill-in the gaps from the wardrobe department. But so far as in-lore reasons, I could never figure it out, except perhaps that their uniforms are still tailored for some reason and not replicated, or replicated in stages because it takes a lot of energy or something. Because in a world with replicators, why not just make the uniforms for the whole crew at once?