Star Trek Problems: Holodeck Problems


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Vincent’s Comments: In today’s Star Trek Problems we go into the world of Star Trek: The Next Generation and its holodecks, the device that lets you pretty much do anything you want. It’s the ultimate video game and the ultimate in wish fulfillment. You know, I think I’d have a lot in common with Geordi if I had access to a holodeck. I can’t imagine that I’d want to do anything in my off hours. You think people get addicted to video games now…

  • William Bruce West

    I’ve often wondered if Holodeck Jizz Mopper was one of those posts assigned to ensigns just out of the Academy.

  • It’s a valid theory.

  • Chris Piers

    You have no idea how close I was to using that phrase.

  • Reina

    I wonder if the holodeck snitched based on the biometrics left inside.

  • Andrew Williams

    “The DNA samples were from… everyone. I’ll arrest everyone as a potential suspect.”