Star Trek Problems – Best Pet

Here’s today’s strip. These things usually start with an idea about one character but turn into something else. Originally, someone suggested doing something about Data’s cat. It became the rushed nonsense below:


Don’t forget to click on the comic to enlarge for readability!

Vincent’s Comments: In this hilarious installment of Star Trek Problems Captain Picard judges the pets of the crew of the Enterprise, which is totally something he would do. It’s funny, because it’s true. This strip best highlights how Worf is a terrible father. For as much fan service as Worf got, the majority of Worf’s screen time was devoted to either him being told that he was wrong, getting knocked out, or being a bad dad. No wonder Alexander is screwed up when he shows up in DS9.

  • Worf did become pretty awesome as soon as he joined DS9. But he was not a great dad.

  • I think DS9 did a lot more for his character than Next Gen did. Worf should have been on Voyager.

  • Johnny

    This needs to get syndicated.

  • Andrew Williams

    I didn’t get why Alexander would have given a fuck about being Klingon or a warrior after an upbringing in the insidious Federation.