Star Trek Problems: Au Revoir, Chief O’Brien

Captain Picard thinks he can do everyone's job


Vincent’s Comments: Chief O’Brien gets his big send off as he transitions from being the transporter chief of the Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation to chief of engineering on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. And of course, a Captain can operate anything on the ship, what’s so hard about transporting someone?

Aside from the usual wonderful art and comedic timing provided by Chris, my girlfriend Aria came up with this idea after watching the start of DS9 for the hundredth time. I didn’t want to Yoko Ono Chris, but I thought it was funny enough to pass along to him. I instantly thought of this comic when I was watching Voyager (for the first time) and Janeway is going to go off and run some sort analysis. Yeah, why have the science officers do it when the Captain can? The Captain can do anything!