Star Trek Problems: After Wesley


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Vincent’s Thoughts: In today’s Star Trek Problems Chris addresses what happened after Wesley Crusher left the Enterprise D to go to school and then become a space Indian. Ensign Ro certainly was a change to the ship that actually brought character conflict (!) to Star Trek The Next Generation. I grew to love Deep Space Nine because of said conflict and it’s too bad that Ro wasn’t on that show. Side Note: Ro makes my hottest women of Star Trek list because she is kind of a bitch. I guess I’m attracted to the bad girls sometimes.

  • Trivia note. Ro Laren was intended to be Cisco’s 2nd in command on Deep Space 9 but the actress passed on it so they invented Kira Nerys.

  • I’m not sure anyone ever considering Wesley leaving a “problem.”

  • Considering he saved the ship from destruction like 5 times, regardless of popularity, that could be considered a problem.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    At least Riker had his fun with her..

  • Ponderiss

    Wesley was so very important! Picard was comfortable dealing with alien species. Yet, young people made him uncomfortable? Wesley found a purpose and a was given a voice…something youths have been struggling for forever, especially since the 60s. Loved this comic strip! Made the laugh loudly at an inappropriate time.

  • I liked him, but I was at the right age to like him, I think. I was caught off guard when I found out that people hated him!